June 19, 2024

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INFERION – New Album Details


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unveil the newest album from Miami, Florida’s melodic Black/Death Metal desecrators INFERION entitled “This Will Decay.” The album is set to drop on October 21, 2014.

Formed in 1995, Inferion have refined their intense sound and present their finest work to date. This epic fourteen track, 55 plus minute majestic masterpiece is a vicious onslaught of Blackened Death Metal that crushes bone and penetrates flesh with the precision of a newly sharpened blade.

Superior production quality tears through the many deep layers of this album to reveal complex lead guitar work, a wide array of vocal approaches and the relentless hyper blast of Carlos Delgado. “This Will Decay” solidifies Inferion’s rightful place as one of 2014’s purveyors of the most vile underground music available. For fans of Anata, Angelcorpse, Behemoth, Belphegor, Burzum, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Deathspell Omega, Deicide, Dissection, Dodheimsgard, Enslaved, Goatwhore, Immortal, Nachtmystium, Noctuary, Satanic Warmaster, Silencer and Vital Remains.

The track list for “This Will Decay” is:

1. This Will Decay
2. Carrion for the Scavengers
3. Contempt
4. Tempted by Failure
5. Embers
6. Directionless
7. Until the Sun Consumes Us
8. Further from the Light
9. The Serpent in the Valley
10. Lament
11. Aftermath of Destruction
12. When Bones Meet Corrosion
13. A Hell to Endure
14. Unrestrained

Source: metalunderground