ACHERON – Drummer Quits Band


Drummer Kyle Severn announced he has quit Pittsburgh, PA’s ACHERON. Severn issued the following statement:

“Yes, my decision to depart from Acheron sucks, but it’s long overdue. I have put a lot work into this band for many years now, but time has come for me to end this journey! Of course, everybody wants answers, and as all of you are supporters you deserve one, but it’s nothing against the band and remaining members. I love Acheron music, loved playing with the guys, but ongoing internal problems just can’t be resolved this time around. It is personal, so I don’t feel the need to go running my mouth on gay-ass Facebook to everyone about it, because it has nothing to do with the music, so no disrespect to our fans, but frankly, it’s nobody’s business besides Vince [Crowley] and I. The new Acheron material we’d been working on is fucking killer, and I’m sure they will find someone to play drums to give it justice.”

Band founder Vincent Crowley has subsequently released the following statement:

“This is in response to all the questions regarding the recent departing of long time Acheron drummer Kyle Severn. Everyone wants to know why? And will he be back?

“Well, Kyle has release some statements that pretty much sums everything up. I’m just giving everyone my side of the story that is pretty much the same as his.

“First off, this whole thing was a long time coming. As I mentioned before sometime people just can’t work together. There is no crazy drama that made this happen nor do I have any ill feelings towards the guy. We just see things differently and that will never change. So why prolong the inevitable? Even though he did resign it was very much a mutual thing. So if you are looking for some drama….Sorry, none here!

“Kyle played with Acheron for 14 years. We recorded some kick ass albums and did some killer shows. He is indeed a part of the Acheron alumni and his work is very much appreciated. But we will not be playing music together ever again. The best of luck to him with Incantation and all his other bands.

“On that note, guitarist Art Taylor and I are keeping the torch burning. We have been writing new Acheron material for the next album and it is coming along great. Art and I have been working great together and you can expect yet another skull crushing Acheron album! Acheron is more motivated than ever and we hope to find a killer drummer to help us unleash our hellish music upon the world!

“We are also going to be adding an official 2nd lead guitarist to the infernal line-up. Jacob Shively from Dismemberment has kindly been filling in for the live shows for over a year now. I’d like to personally thank him for all his work and dedication. You rule brother! He will be focusing mainly on Dismemberment now. If you haven’t heard these guys go listen now! They are a great band and I see killer things for them in the future.

“It is a brand new day and I am very excited for the next chapter of Acheron. I promise you that that next time you see or hear us it will indeed be a good punch in the face! So everyone take a seat and let us take you to the very depths of Hell!”

Source: Blabbermouth