June 13, 2024

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GNAW – Upcoming Tour Dates


New York’s beloved GNAW has a string of upcoming dates on their schedule.

The sonic disassembly will hit Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar on May 8th where the unit will deafen non-believers alongside The Body, Whitehorse and Theologian. Then on May 16th GNAW will crush the dreams of the hopeful and the damned as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Fest in Queens alongside Tim Hecker, Napalm Death, Gunplay, Wolf Eyes, Bastard Noise, Lubomyr Melnyk, Skullflower, Okkyung Lee, Clipping and more!

GNAW Live Incursions 2014:
4/27/2014 Terminus – Rennes, FR w/ OvO
4/28/2014 Pavillon Sauvage – Toulouse, FR w/ OvO, Cober Ord, Toys ‘R’ Noise
4/29/2014 Les Instants Chavirès – Paris, FR w/ OvO
4/30/2014 Le Bocal – Caen, FR w OvO, Pan D, Matiara Damansara
5/01/2014 The Victoria – London, UK w/ OvO, Shitwife
5/02/2014 Sound City Festival @ Mellomello – Liverpool, UK w/ OvO
5/03/2014 The 13th Note – Glasgow, UK w/ OvO, Black Sun, Orval Carlos Sibelius
5/04/2014 Leave Me Here All Day Fest @ The Cluny – Newcastle, UK w/ OvO, Necro Deathmort, Ommadon, Hakai No Ku, more…
5/08/2014 St Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Whitehorse, The Body, Theologian
5/16/2014 Red Bull Music Academy Festival @ Knockdown Center – Queens, NY

The menacing anti-creation of Alan Dubin (Khanate, Old, O.L.D.), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (Ike Yard), Brian Beatrice and Eric Neuser, GNAW will be expelling hymns from their recently unleashed Horrible Chamber full-length. A jolting, spiritually abrasive exercise in noise-scorched, audio torment for fans of Khanate, Gnaw Their Tongues, Locrian, and open-face surgery,on Horrible Chamber GNAW manufactures gnarly, nerve-wracking sound orgies where the cumulative sensations of dread, trauma, wrath and repugnance crash into a disturbingly cathartic state of ominous, audio disease. Horrible Chamber was recorded at Seizures Palace by Jason LaFarge (Swans, Akron/Family, Khanate, Angels Of Light), mixed by Brian Beatrice at audioEngine and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst etc), with additional elements recorded by Beatrice, Dubin, Thornton, and Mizumachi in various chambers.

Horrible Chamber is currently available via Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.