June 19, 2024

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BLACKGATES – Vocalist Dan Nelson Rejoins Band


BLACKGATES — the East San Francisco Bay Area metal outfit featuring drummer Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, ex-TESTAMENT, EXODUS, FORBIDDEN) and guitarist Jeremy Von Epp (THE VENTING MACHINE) — has been rejoined by former ANTHRAX singer Dan Nelson.

In a brand new interview with Greece’s Metal Kaoz, Bostaph was asked if he has any other projects going on besides his current full-time gig with SLAYER. “I still have my other band, BLACKGATES,” he replied. “And we’re talking about… I mean, I haven’t had any time. SLAYER is main priority, but if I have some free time, I’m gonna try to do a five- or six-song EP with BLACKGATES. We have our original singer back, Dan Nelson, so we’re really happy about that. I just need some time to get together with my guitar player, Jeremy Epp, and we’re gonna put the material together and try to get something out. We’ve put, like… Jeremy and I and Dan Nelson have put, like, over four years into the material we have, so I think we just wanna put it out there. And just move on with SLAYER. And if I can do some stuff with BLACKGATES, I will, and if I can’t, then at least we’ve put the music out there.”

BLACKGATES made its live debut on May 5, 2012 at Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda, California as part of the Cinco De Mayo Metal Throwdown.

BLACKGATES last year parted ways with bassist Uriah Duffy (ex-WHITESNAKE) and replaced him with Luis Barillas (THE VENTING MACHINE).

BLACKGATES’s first demo was recorded in the San Francisco Bay Area with producer Tim Narducci (SYSTEMATIC, SPIRALARMS).

Nelson in 2012 settled a lawsuit he filed against ANTHRAX over the fallout from his departure from the veteran metal group. Details of the settlement were not made public.

Nelson, who was in ANTHRAX for nearly two years — from late 2007 until July 2009 — filed a lawsuit in November 2011 claiming that Charlie Benante (drums), Frank Bello (bass) and Scott Ian (guitar) falsely stated in “numerous interviews” that he had “abruptly resigned” after getting sick, forcing a cancelation of a tour. The $2.65-million suit also alleged that Benante told BLABBERMOUTH.NET that Nelson “was a bully.”

The Long Island native said his ex-bandmates’ “intentional defamation” has caused him a loss of income and damaged his reputation.

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Source: Blabbermouth.net