June 21, 2024

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ARTILLERY – Posts “Legions” Studio Footage


Danish thrashers ARTILLERY have just posted a video featuring inside-the-studio footage from the “Legions” recording sessions. Check it out HERE. “Legions” is due out November 26th (USA), November 22nd (G/A/S) and November 25th (EU) via Metal Blade Records.

Comments Legions producer Soren Andersen: “If you’re a hardcore Artillery fan, you won´t be disappointed when you hear the forthcoming album. Classic Artillery, but with new elements. A new drummer, a new singer, 10 new songs, great lyrics, killer riffs etc…

“We did the album in 3 weeks, without looking back. There is so much new energy this time, and the band plays better than ever. One reason: They are touring more than ever. This is a real metal band that plays real music for the right reason. They don’t give a damn about the fame, the look or the party… It’s all about the music. That’s how I see them, and that’s the vibe when we are working together.

“The new drummer Jos is a monster drummer with feel, swing, attitude and skills. I find that very giving for the band, and he’s a great guy, too. Likewise, Michael fits the band perfectly. His voice is very big and very classic. He has his own perfect spot between Soren and Flemming, and again: Great lyrics! Hope you’ll enjoy the album as much as I did in the process of the creation!”

Source: metalunderground