June 14, 2024

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DOWN – Guitarist Kirk Windstein Leaves Band


On the heels of announcing Crowbar’s new bassist, Crowbar mastermind Kirk Windstein has revealed that he will focus entirely on Crowbar. If you didn’t know, Windstein has also been a member of Down since their formation. And while Windstein didn’t come out and specifically say he has left Down, they are in the studio right now, so his statement can’t really be interpreted any other way:

“For months now I have been posting that I am concentrating on Crowbar 100% FULL TIME… 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Crowbar and its a great feeling to put my heart and soul into something that I created so long ago. We are entering the studio 12/16 to record our 10th full length record, look for a late Spring release on E1..See y’all on the road with Crowbar!”

Down stage manager and Honky guitarist Bobby Landgraf has reportedly stepped in to fill Windstein’s spot.

Source: Lambgoat