April 18, 2024

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DAMNATION ANGELS – Part Ways With Keyboardist


U.K. based symphonic metal act DAMNATION ANGELS have parted ways with keyboardist Daniel Saunders. The band is set to embark on the first European Tour this coming November and guitarist Will Graney is set to play the keyboards as well live, if the band is unable to find a replacement.

In a statement on the band’s Facebook page, Graney stated: “Hello everyone, a personal statement here from Will! I’d just like to announce that we are parting ways with Keyboardist Daniel Saunders. Things just didn’t work out and that’s the nature of this business I’m afraid. As we always say, good luck in the future. This will not effect anything upcoming so don’t worry about the tour or the album! It’s all still going ahead.

“People seem to come and go a lot in this industry but the key is Me, John, PelleK and Stephen are as a band and friends stronger than ever. We will consider a keyboardist to join this family but it has to be the right person this time. So we will take our time and ‘I hope’ we will find that person. Feel free to send us a message if you’re interested to [email protected].

“Until then or maybe indefinitely, I will be taking care of keyboards live as well as guitars and like I said this doesn’t effect anything SO SEE YOU ON THE ROAD IN NOVEMBER, WHEN EUROPE DESCENDS INTO DARKNESS….”

Source: Metalunderground