June 21, 2024

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DARK TRANQUILLITY – Streaming 20th Annviersary Edition Of “Skydancer”


DARK TRANQUILLITY are celebrating the 20 year anniversary of their debut album “Skydancer” with a newly-remastered edition. The group said of the outing:

“This truly makes us feel old! “Skydancer” is a weird and quirky album that stood out like a sore thumb in the early ’90′s metal climate. Most people didn’t quite know what to make of the complex instrumental arrangements, acoustic guitar interludes, clear vocals and the shameless focus on melodies, but the reviews and general reception were stellar, and in hindsight the album proved to be a starting point for many great things to come. Here’s to the next 20 years!”

New CD, digital & LP releases of the effort are in the works and will feature revised packaging along with the above mentioned new mastering job. Currently you can stream or purchase the remastered version of the effort online via Bandcamp.

Source: the PRP