July 13, 2024

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PANZERCHRIST – Streaming New Track


Danish death metal act PANZERCHRIST have set August 13th as the North American release date for their seventh album, aptly entitled “The 7th Offensive.” For a sample of what’s to come, stream the song HERE.

Panzerchrist used three different studio to complete their new assault. Guitars and bass were recorded in the Igloo by HR Swan, drums were recorded at AMP studio by Jens Förster and Markus Ziemer,while vocals and the final mix were done in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni.

Although very extreme musically on a constant basis, Panzerchrist has never quite done the same album twice. “The 7th Offensive” shows a slightly more melodic and evil approach to the guitars; enhancing the grey, sinister feel of a battlefield. The band’s intended bleak sound was without a doubt achieved. The album also sees Panzerchrist return to the ultra-guttural and pure death metal styled vocals. As the band says, “The war is over Let’s start a new one. Death forever, Panzer!”

Source: Metalunderground