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 On one hand, Stabbingback blends a classic metal style with melodically driven vocals and a powerful modern edge to form a unique sound. The music is very personal, pained and full of anger. This raw sound aims to start a fire one's soul and mind. On the other hand, the acoustic music is, by it's very nature, less abrasive than the metal. Although not as in-your-face, Stabbingback's acoustic material is every bit as emotional and intense. All the songs are originally written for this style, and are not "unplugged" versions of the metal music.


Paul Wolfe has now joined the line up as guitarist, replacing the departed Brandon Lupov. Paul will be adding his amazing lead and rhythm guitar work to Stabbingback's driving Metal and very personal acoustic sides of the band.

On getting signed to C2M2 Records:

"To all who have been along for the ride,

Stabbingback, Seattle's premiere dual-genre band, has recently signed to C2M2 Records. Our contract was signed on February 1st 2008. This signing involves both our metal and acoustic material. Stabbingback, formed in 2005, has undergone a few roster changes since the band's inception before settling on its the power quartet lineup of Gage Sifuentes, Brandon Lupov, Jay Barrett and Ben Gregory. We have had the opportunity over the course of 2007 to play 30 gigs within 10 months time, beginning with an anti-Valentine's Day show at Seattle's Studio 7 and ending with a late December performance at the Showbox. C2M2 will be distributing our CD double album release, as well as providing future tour support. We are very excited that C2M2 has provided us with the opportunity to give our fans some of the best musical experiences possible, and with the concurrent CD release now you can share it with everyone. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been there to support us in every way possible, through thick and thin, protests included, and we couldn't have done it without you."

Catch Stabbingback at the upcoming date:

Dec 27, 2008 – 9PM – Rocko's Fireside Alehouse In Everett, Washington


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