July 13, 2024

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SYLO – Bassist Passes Away


Den Headz, some really sad news to report. Bassist Jared McCasland of Texarkana, Texas metal act SYLO passed away yesterday due to drowning. More details to come on the tragic death of a rising talent in the underground of heavy metal music. He was 30 years old.

SYLO band manager JB Griffin of WEMG has released this official statement:

“Jared was the backbone of SYLO. He was a great musician and we are going to truly miss him. Words cannot describe what we are feeling right now. Thanks to all the fans that have supported Jared and SYLO up to this point and we will give you more information as this works itself out.”

SYLO won TMD’s first Battle of The Bands contest in 2011 and were recently signed to The Metal Den Records in June/2012.

TMD sends our condolences out to Jared’s fans, friends and family.