WARBEAST – Vocalist To Be Coached By PHIL ANSELMO

 Phil and Bruce

TMD Rocks!

"We had hoped to finish recording our debut WARBEAST album for Housecore Records back in April when we went to New Orleans. But we realized that it was just turning out too good to rush my vocals. I also had to return to Texas to get ready with Rigor Mortis for our show in Germany at Keep It True 12. I have always been rushed when it got to my vocal parts. So when Philip Anselmo suggested I just come back by myself and spend a week with him recording my vocals… I was thrilled at the idea of taking my time on each song.

Not only that, Philip is going to sort of coach me and give me tips in the studio. I have always been stubborn about letting anyone help me with my vocals. I always felt I was limited with my vocal ability anyway. So I just refused any kind of vocal lessons or training and I liked the fact that I just got up there and did it my way. But this is a different story… this will be my first official release since the debut Rigor Mortis album back in 1988. So I am excited and anxious about being helped by one of the greatest singers in metal history. Plus he is a longtime friend and brother of mine. So I know I will feel comfortable working with Philip in the studio. I have no doubt that with this extra time to record my vocals and learning some of Philip’s recording techniques in the studio… that this will be the best I have ever sounded.

I am humble singer with no ego and I never like to say shit like… “This album is gonna kick your ass!” But, I honestly believe that we are creating a Metal masterpiece with this debut WARBEAST album. The music and the variety of these ten songs is incredible. I will go as far as to say that I think this could be one of the best metal albums from a Texas band released in this entire decade. But, I will just let everyone else be the judge of that when it’s finished. So wish me luck in New Orleans and in the studio! I will hopefully be leaving on Monday or Tuesday."


Goddamn Electric!

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