July 13, 2024

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Let's Go CYCO!

TMD Rocks!

"Welcome to the Year of the Cyco, it's been a long, long wait"

2009 is finally here and the new year is gonna be very good for all the Cycos and Suicidal Maniacs. New Suicidal Tendencies CD! New Cyco Miko CD! New Infectious Grooves CD!

And now you can get a preview before it's in stores.

Suicidal Records presents "Year of the Cyco" to give you a taSTe of what's to come! CD is now only available thru the bands website. Get your copy, pass on the link and hook up your friends and warn your enemies! And blaST it long and loud!

Year of the Cycos featuring Cyco Miko, Infectious Grooves and Suicidal Tendencies…

now "WELCOME to the CYCO side!"

Check out the album preview HERE.