June 14, 2024

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South Carolina death metal/metalcore band GRAVES OF VALOR is breaking up. Vocalist Damon Welch sent the following statement to Lambgoat:

“After 6 years, Graves of Valor is at its end. This isn’t a decision reached overnight. It has been coming for a while. We all feel like it’s a lot better to end now and focus more on our other bands. Thanks to everyone who has come out to shows, bought our shit, let us sleep on your floor, or got us trashed on tour. It’s been a blast.”

Formed in 2005, the group put out releases with Relapse Records and Tragic Hero Records.

Welch reports that he, Richard Turbeville, Ryan Blum, and original Graves of Valor members Dayton Cantley, and Jeff Springs are writing material for a new band that’s yet to be named.

Source: Lambgoat