April 13, 2024

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HANK WILLIAMS III: “The Only Guy That Could Fill-In For Dimebag Would Be Zakk Wylde.”

It looks like HANK 3 (SUPERJOINT RITUAL/ARSON ANTHEM ) is letting everyone know where he stands on the subject of a possible PANTERA tribute reunion show. The ultimate Cowboy From Hell himself, Hank 3 recently discussed his feelings on the matter in a new interview, stating:

“…I can’t speak for Philip or for Vinnie. All I can speak for is the fans, which I am one of. I know the fans would love to see the surviving members of Pantera reunite. The only guy that could fill in for Dimebag would be Zakk Wylde. If there ever were to be a reunion tour, the fans would be very appreciative. They could dedicate the tour to Dime. I’ve heard Philip say that he wishes they’d be on speaking terms and I’ve heard Vinnie say the same thing. I can just hope that one day they’ll both be able to be in the same room and they’ll be able to put the past behind them.”


An army of fans on Facebook are far beyond driven at making this idea a reality. So far, well over 3,000 fans have joined their cause. Go HERE to join!