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GWAR – Announce Final “GWAR-B-Q!” Lineup


Metal Blade Records and Slave Pit Inc. are once again teaming up to put on the wildest party of this or any other summer…the 2011 GWAR B-Q is on for Sep. 17th at Hadad’s Water Park, featuring two full stages of rock before the final, climactic performance from the mighty GWAR. And this will be no ordinary GWAR set (if such a thing could exist…) as original GWAR bass player Mike Bishop (the first Beefcake the Mighty) will join the band for a very special set of songs from the Scumdogs era, before turning over the stage to the latest incarnation of the universes most dangerous band!

“After slacking off for easily four or five minutes, the slaves of GWAR are back at it, laboring ceaselessly to satisfy our muddied desire and provide you with the sick shit you crave,” said crass uber-thing Oderus Urungus. “Everyone is ordered to attend the GWAR B-Q and pay homage to their undead overlords of necrotic filth, US, the mighty GWAR, and maybe even join us for a yummy grilled baby-ass.”

Darkest Hour

Battle Master
White Cross
The Occultist
Bloody Crackdown

In addition to all this great music, there will be BBQ cook-offs, the return of The Spew-O-Lympic’s and American A-hole competitions, a jousting exhibition from the Cutthroats Bike Gang, a Bloody T-Shirt contest and of course, all the wet and wonderful fun that Hadad’s Lake offers!!

Tickets will be $25 at the door on the day of the event.

There are also TWO other premium ticket deals
Deluxe – $30.00 -1 day entry to all music performances and events and an official GWAR-B-Q t-shirt
Premium – $75.00 – 1 day entry to all music performances, official GWAR-B-Q t-shirt, GWAR live concert DVD, VIP pass for “Meat and Beat” signing with GWAR, and a chance to appear on stage with GWAR and be devoured by their pet World Maggot! FUCK!!!

But just because the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Included with the price of your ticket you will also gain access to the GWAR B-Q After Show Party at the newly re-opened Alley Katz, in fabulous Shockoe Bottom. The After Show Party will feature music by Hex Machine, The Landmines, U.S. Brass and a super secret surprise headlining band. The after-show party starts at 7 and goes til’ 2 a.m.

In other Slave Pit news, the new episode of the Blood Vomits, Slave-Pit’s Kickstarter funded animated comedy short, is wrapping up its editing and should be premiering soon on Slave Pit has also unfortunately had to take down their popular GWAR-B-Q and GWAR.TV pages, due to server issues. And finally, there are rumors going around that the Crack-a-Thon may be back, sooner than you think! Look for an announcement next week!

Despite getting kicked off Red Eye for disemboweling Sarah Palin, Oderus wasted little time in finding another platform to terrorize the airwaves–and what better place to do that than from the #1 syndicated metal radio show in the U.S., Full Metal Jackie! That’s right, for the past few months Oderus has been appearing on Jackie’s show in “The Mad Minute”, in which our warty anti-hero mouths off about a variety of topics, covering a spectrum from “jenkum” to Fred Durst and why he sucks so bad. Check out the mind of a mad man–or at least someone that is mad–at The Mad Minute on Full Metal Jackie!

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