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CIPHER – Drummer Missing


Danny Bobis, drummer for Long Beach, NY hardcore/metal/punk band CIPHER, is reportedly missing. Bobis had been surfing in South Sumatra, Indonesa when last seen. His wife, Rachel, has posted the following:

“Friends and loved ones, about 10 hours ago, while surfing in Sumatra, my husband Daniel Bobis went missing. His leash broke and we found his board and he has not returned. We looked all day but it is now Sunday evening here. There is a dive team going out tomorrow to look for him. We are trying to get a helicopter but it is very difficult here. If you know someone at NBC or somewhere or something that can help, please e mail me [email protected]. Please do not e mail with well wishes, only serious help inquiries. The US consulate and everyone in Sumatra has been notified. Internet and phone are horrible here. I will update when I can. Please please pray for us. I am here with Brian Lonergan and Danny’s dad will be flying in as soon as possible. We are at Damai Bungalows in South Sumatra. Please pray. I love you all and thank you.”

Source: Lambgoat