July 21, 2024

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THE OCEAN – Hits The Charts!


Den Headz, Anthropocentric, the latest album from German atmospheric metal enigmas THE OCEAN, debuted at position No. 113 on Billboard’s New Artists Chart and No. 31 on iTunes’ Canadian Metal Charts.

The record, released in North America via Metal Blade November 9, serves as a sequel to the concept explored on the band’s successful Heliocentric full-length, released this past spring. A critique on Christianity and man’s ultimate place in the universe, Anthropocentric is both musically and thematically compelling and currently flooring metallers across the land.

Hellbound gave the record a 9.5/10 rating saying, “If you didn’t think Heliocentric was heavy enough then this would be the album for you and if you still think it is still not heavy enough then you just might be from the Cenozoic Era. No intelligent life anywhere.” Noted Metal Archives: “THE OCEAN isn’t in the bizz for making a few decent tracks to stand out from an otherwise bland album. Quite the contrary, they are in the bizz for making whole albums into experiences,” with Lush Beat adding, “Talented is an understatement, in much the same way as saying the band is simply ‘creative’ would be selling them short. THE OCEAN are a thinking man’s metal band, challenging and accessible in equal measure.” About.com’s verdict? “Anthropocentric is the aggressive counterpart to the dynamic melodies heard on Heliocentric.”

In related news, THE OCEAN joined The Dillinger Escape Plan for a stretch of dates through Europe earlier this Fall. Dillinger guitarist Ben Weinman joined THE OCEAN on stage to improv some piano parts to the band’s “The First Commandment Of The Luminaries” from the band’s Heliocentric offering. Check out footage HERE.

The band is currently wrapping up a Euro tour supporting legendary UK doom/atmospheric rockers Anathema. Remaining dates include:

11/18/2010 Diesel Club – Budapest, Hungary
11/21/2010 Akademija – Belgrade, Serbia (THE OCEAN headlining show)
11/22/2010 Randall – Bratislava, Slovakia
11/23/2010 Rock Café – Prague, Czech Republic