Japanoise mentalists SIGH have done a deal with Candlelight Records to release their next album, tentatively entitled ‘In Somniphobia’ in 2011.

Formed in April 1990 the band did two demos before the ‘Requiem for Fools’ 7″EP on Wild Rags, which led to them signing infamously to Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence Productions. The debut album ‘Scorn Defeat’ was recorded in 1993, but Euronoymous was killed before its release, and Voices of Wonder Records took over DSP and released the album. Sigh then moved to Cacophonous Records and released four records, including the highly influential ‘Hail Horror Hail’ in 1997.

Sigh then signed to Century Media Records and released ‘Imaginary Sonicscape’ in 2001, but it’s not the first time the band have worked with Candlelight, for sixth album ‘Gallows Gallery’, the debut album for the newly recruited Junichi Harashima, was released in 2005 by Candlelight Records for Europe. It was chosen as No.14 album of 2005 in Terrorizer Magazine, while the seventh album ‘Hangman’s Hymn’ , the fastest and the most symphonic album by Sigh, was released in 2007 on The End Records (US) and Osmose Prodcutions (Europe).

Earlier this year the band released ‘Scene From Hell’ on The End Records again and has become one of our hotly tipped albums of the year once again.

Mirai Kawashima had this to say about the bands new deal with Candlelight Records

“After we released our debut album ‘Scorn Defeat’ on Deathlike Silence Productions in 1993, we had to choose a new label to sign to between Candlelight Records and Cacophonous Records. And we, who knew nothing about music business, chose Cacophonous only because they got back to us faster, which obviously was a huge mistake! Now, 17 years since then, we’ve finally come to work with Candlelight Records. They have a great roster including our mates Meads of Asphodel. We’re truly looking forward to releasing our 9th album tentatively entitled ‘In Somniphobia’ in 2011”.