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WITCHSORROW – Self-Titled Album Out Now!


Den Headz, doom metal just refuses to die. Despite being at odds with literally every other five-minute trend that has come in & out of fashion over the years, the sincerity and passion Doom cannot be squandered by bogus scenesters and lame fads.

According to Witchsorrow main man Nick; “I think we sit on the outside. I’ve always had a bit of a distaste for the more jock end of the metal spectrum, where it’s all Jagermeister, tits and clowning around. We’re not like that. I don’t think we could be considered ‘cool’ or anything, I just want the music to be a cauldron of bad vibes to tip over the audience, really”.

Embracing the spirit of the second wave of post 70’s bands that defined the genre, England’s Witchsorrow echo the mournful cries of St. Vitus, Trouble, Candlemass, Revelation, Penance and more recent masters, Reverend Bizarre. This is about as unfashionable as it gets; no grim drone, post rock pap or ambient crap, Witchsorrow play unashamed Doom Metal in its purest form. As Nick confirms; “I wanted the band to be everything I loved about doom. I’d see a lot of bands in Vitus shirts around, but it was all feedback and sludge and screaming. I like that stuff, but there weren’t hardly any bands doing doom the way I loved it, doom METAL. Some bands try not to be associated with metal, whereas we’re nothing else! We’re just very slow, miserable metal”.

Randy “Rocket” Cody of THE METAL DEN adds:

“Witchsorrow is one of heavy metal’s best kept secrets. They are quite possibly the new Black Sabbath.
Something tells me we are in the midst of something very special with this band.”

Recorded at Foel Studios (Amon Duul II, Blue Cheer, Van Der Graaf Generator, Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Napalm Death, etc.) and produced by Chris Fielding, from the melancholic strains of opener The Agony, Witchsorrow is a massive treat for fans of slow and true heavy Doom Metal. Don’t expect anything radically new or particularly original, as that’s not really the point. Yes, the usual themes of Witches being burned at the stake, sorcery and sin are all here but done with such a passion that conviction supersedes any sense of pretence. Heavy they are and here they are; Witchsorrow. Doom or be Doomed!

Witchsorrow’s self-titled album is now available for order in North America for $7.99 on List to The Agony and order at

Witchsorrow track listing:

1. The Agony
2. The Trial of Elizabeth
3. Hail to Guy Fawkes
4. Thou Art Cursed
5. Impaler Tepes