July 23, 2024

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WINTERFYLLETH – New Track Online


Den Headz, the fine folks at Stereogum are currently streaming “A Valley Thick With Oaks,” the ninth track from WINTERFYLLETH’s upcoming full-length The Mercian Sphere. Already embraced by Europe, The Mercian Sphere will hit American shores on October 12 via Candlelight Records. Featuring members of doomsters Atavist, the UK collective churn a vicious yet moody, folk-inspired brand of black metal that harkens back to early days of Enslaved and Ulver. Lyrically, the band delve into tales of England’s archaic history, recounting major events, battles, and even drawing inspiration from certain sites and scenery that grace the countryside of England and have played an integral part in the country’s history.

Check out “A Valley Thick With Oaks” here: http://stereogum.com/515492/winterfylleth-a-valley-thick-with-oaks-stereogum-premiere/franchises/haunting-the-chapel/

The Mercian Sphere Track-Listing
01. Gateway To The Dark Peak/The Solitary One Waits For Grace (The Wayfarer Pt I)
02. Awakens He, Bereft of Kinsmen (The Wayfarer Pt II)
03. The Fields Of Reckoning
04. Children Of The Stones
05. The Ruin
06. The Honour Of Good Men On The Path To Eternal Glory
07. To Find Solace… Where Security Stands (The Wayfarer Pt III)
08. When The Woods Were Young
09. A Valley Thick With Oaks
10. Defending The Realm

“A safe buy for nearly every black metal fan, The Mercian Sphere is epic, melodic, atmospheric, catchy, and crushing, and is assuredly one of my favorite BM releases of the year.” — Metal Reviews

“I really dig their sound.”

“…an incredibly emotionally impacting release which is sure to shake the foundations of modern black metal.” — Sea Of Tranquility