June 21, 2024

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THE FAMINE – Complete Tracking


Texas (USA) death metallers THE FAMINE have completed tracking their new album and Jason Suecof (CHIMAIRA, ALL THAT REMAINS) is in charge of mixing duties. Discussing the new album details, the band’s drummer Mark Garza comments:

“We are done recording the new record with Braxton Henry and its being mixed by Jason Suecof as I write this. Undoubtedly, this record will be a defining moment and drastic departure from TRATR, with a darker and unnervingly heavier tone and pace of anything we have ever done. Completely unhinged, I believe because of the anger and emotions we went through over the past year. I feel that we accomplished what we set out to do as far as this recording was concerned considering all of the obstacles that were put in front of us.

Andrew, Nick-Wayne, and Jon out did themselves in the studio for sure. Nick-Wayne is a dynamic singer and really let his balls hang out on this one…”

Read the full statement on THE FAMINE’s MySpace blog.