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EXHUMED – Reunite After Five Years


Gore metal act EXHUMED have reformed after a five–year hiatus. Exhumed 2010 will feature founding and original member Matt Harvey on guitars and vocals along with returning members Leon DelMuerte (Phobia, Murder Construct) on bass and vocals, Wes Caley (Uphill Battle) on guitars, and Danny Walker (Intronaut, Murder Construct, Uphill Battle) on drums. The band will begin recording a new full-length and follow-up album to 2003’s Anatomy Is Destiny this fall for a spring 2011 release.

Harvey recently commented on the reformation; “I’m totally fucken psyched to be making music with Exhumed again, it’s been way too long. After a few years off and away from the Death Metal scene, I feel rejuvenated and ready to hack, maim and kill once again. I wanted this to be a continuation of what the band was doing and was on its way to doing, not a reunion or some weird nostalgia thing, so the first person I started talking about this with was our guitarist Wes (Caley), who has been writing some great songs for the new album, and once he got the ball rolling with Leon (DelMuerte, bass, vocals) and Danny (Walker, drums), it come together quickly and easier than ever!”

“We’ve been writing for the past few months, me in Hawaii, and the other guys in California, and now that I’m back on the mainland we’ll be getting things together for album number four. We’re all really excited about the new shit, it should combine the directness of ‘Slaughtercult’ and the intricacy of ‘Anatomy…’ so it’s definitely gonna be our strongest record yet.”

Exhumed has confirmed that their first North American appearance will be as part of Maryland Deathfest 2011. To commemorate the band’s return to the stage, they are asking for fans to pick their set list. Suggestions are being welcomed on the band’s MySpace page: