METALLICA – Hammett’s ‘Metropolis’ Art Sells For $47,800


Den Headz, the classic artwork from Fritz Lang’s 1927 ground-breaking science fiction film entitled ‘Metropolis’, consigned by none other than heavy metal’s biggest art lover, Kirk Hammett of METALLICA, sold for $47,800 on Friday, March 19 via Signature® Movie Poster Auction at Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas (USA).


Collectors all over the world regard this rare insert movie poster for Fritz Lang’s sci-fi masterpiece ‘Metropolis’ as one of the most sought after ever.

The poster was consigned from the collection of Metallica’s legendary lead guitarist Kirk Hammett.

There was quite a bidding frenzy at the auction, however, the battle to own the rare movie art came down to just two devoted collectors vying for the cinematic gem. The piece sold at a final price of $47,800.

“This great poster is not only a wonderful piece of film history,” adds Grey Smith, Director of Movie Posters at Heritage Auctions.

“It’s also a fabulous piece of graphic art and well worthy of claiming the top spot in this auction.”

Also from the Kirk Hammett Collection, a 1933 oversized Swedish version poster for RKO’s landmark King Kong sold for a final amount of $28,680 amid some intense bidding.

Its vivid colors, amazing action and a dominant image of movie’s all-time greatest beast: KONG – is very similar to its American three sheet counterpart.

Who knows what big time art purchase (or sale) Hammett will be involved in next. TMD just hopes all this ‘art loving’ doesn’t get in the way of the band producing another kick ass record.