METALLICA – Rare “…And Justice For All” Demo


TMD has unearthed an extremely rare demo recording of “…And Justice For All” by METALLICA. It is not
known exactly when the legendary metal act recorded this demo… but there’s no doubt… it is totally authentic!

You will note on the track that Hetfield sings ‘Nah Nah Nah’ throughout instead of the
actual lyrics for the song. It’s important to understand that Hetfield always writes the melody of a song before the actual completed lyrics. It truly helps you appreciate the genius behind his songwriting.

…And Justice for All was the mighty METALLICA’s breakthrough record and reached #6 in the Billboard charts. Though it would next be outdone commercially by the band’s following masterpiece (1991’s Metallica), this album definitely confirmed the band as a super group with the ability to sell out large rock arenas all over the world.

Listen to the rare demo recording below!