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HELL MILITIA – New Album Details


France’s HELL MILITIA have almost completed their second album and are now disclosing the title, artwork and full tracklisting. Recorded, mixed & mastered at BST Studio, “Last Station On The Road To Death” shows HELL MILITIA sounding more mature, subtler, darker and more focused than hitherto. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. always the same
2. born without light
3. unshakable faith
4. et inferno ego
5. the ultimate deception
6. fili diaboli
7. shoot knife strangle beat & crucify *
8. the pig that became a god
9. last station on the road to death

A dedicated Myspace page is now online. To be released on April 30th.

HELL MILITIA was conceived around 1999, with the sole intention of delivering dedicated black metal. Being far removed from any other consideration, Persecutor (known by the nickname Torturer with the band ARKHON INFAUSTUS) gathered Hellsukkubus (AKA LSK from bands such as ANTAEUS and SECRETS OF THE MOON) to play bass and Dave Terror (drums). These were later joined by Arkdaemon from TEMPLE OF BAAL and Meynach from MÜTIILATION. The line-up has remained constant ever since and HELL MILITIA has evolved into a genuine band.
The first recordings all sold out quickly, including the “Canonisation of the Foul Spirit” CD/LP. Then HELL MILITIA went on the road with ARCHGOAT and also performed many headlining gigs all over Europe and Russia. HELL MILITIA is a band that reaches its zenith in a live setting, incorporating the use of on-stage visuals courtesy of a live VJ to amplify the emotions and attack the senses from multiple perspectives.

HELL MILITIA now presents a new album: “last station on the road to death” CD/LP on Debemur Morti Productions, with a Russian license coming soon. More subtle, darker and still necro, this album will be performed to the masses during the headlining “on the road to death tour 2010″ARKHON INFAUSTUS), the album is released with several different covers. Recorded at BST Studio, “last station on the road to death” across Europe, Greece and Russia (with Metalkommand tour agency). Pressed with complex artwork from Omegrapix (who previously produced artworks such as the limited A5 Digibook of comprises seven original songs and a cover of GG Allin.