June 15, 2024

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WHITECHAPEL – Enter Studio


American Deathcore veterans WHITECHAPEL entered the studio yesterday to start work on their third full-length and second for Metal Blade. Guitarist Alex Wade commented, “Dusty Peterson has been signed on to handle the artwork duties. His dark, yet meticulously detailed style of hand drawn artwork is sure to bring out a truly vivid and brutal masterpiece. We really wanted our artwork for the record to speak as loudly for us as the music we are creating, thus, Dusty was picked for his unbelievably realistic and detailed hand drawn style. In this day and age where downloading a CD is as easy as typing the CD’s name into a search bar, we wanted to make the artwork something creative and special for the fans who actually purchase the CD. Almost like owning a piece of art. As for the title and tracklisting, you’ll just have to wait for that as the CD comes closer to completion.”