July 20, 2024

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ARMORY – New Album Details


US progressive power metal act ARMORY has officially announced that they are in the studio recording their second album. The album, entitled “Empyrean Realms”, will contain nine original songs. Compared to their debut album, “The Dawn Of Enlightenment”, “Empyrean Realms” is described by the band as having “more dynamic composing and arranging, with more colorful melodies, head-banging riffs, and progressive elements. The lyrics are also more articulate, centering on the themes of metaphysics, cosmology, and the power of human will. Cover artwork has been chosen which will enhance the cosmic scope of the album.” “Empyrean Realms” will be engineered by the band themselves and take place at Mystic Star Studio, based in Townsend, Massachusetts. The expected release date is mid-to-late 2010. ARMORY has posted a video compilation of the drum and guitar tracking to give fans a sneak preview of what their second album has in store.

ARMORY will also appear on two official tribute albums, due early 2010. A cover of the song “Where The Rain Grows” will be featured on “HelloRay – A tribute to HELLOWEEN & GAMMA RAY”, to be released through Epicus Records. A cover of the song “Love Is Pain” will be featured on “By The Gods: A Noble Tribute To VIRGIN STEELE”. Both cover songs have been posted on ARMORY’s MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/armorymetal For more info on ARMORY, visit their official website: http://www.faithinsteel.com