June 15, 2024

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ROCKET To Be Interviewed 6/5 On FM Rock Radio WQEE 99.1 “The Key”

Rocket of TMD will be interviewed this coming Wednesday (6/5) on FM Rock Radio Station WQEE 99.1 FM “The Key” by my buddy Ryan O Neal at 9AM eastern.

They will be discussing latest MÖTLEY CRÜE news updates, including John 5 wanting out of the band and the potential that Mick Mars will rejoin the lineup.

Rocket will also be dropping a new Occult report at his personal website about America’s Lost Colony, the very first English settlers of North America in 1587 around 115 or 116 in total, including Virginia Dare (1 week old) the first English child born in the New World. All of these colonists would vanish into thin air before the next supply boat stopped to help give them needed support. Speculation about what happened range from Indians massacring them to a clan of shapeshifting werewolves also knows as ‘Skinwalkers’ eating them alive. Rocket’s groundbreaking ‘deep dive’ is going to shock this world like never before!!

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