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VALE OF PNATH – Debut “Silent Prayers” Music Video

An official music video for blackened technical death metal band VALE OF PNATH’s third single, “Silent Prayers,” from their upcoming album “Between The Worlds Of Life And Death,” has just been released. The band enlisted Brian Sheehan to direct the clip.

Titled Between The Worlds Of Life And Death, the upcoming album from the American progressive death metal band is the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s II, and is scheduled to be released in May this year, via Willowtip Records.

Speaking about the upcoming album, the band says, “it’s been five years since our last release, Accursed. The EP really was a new avenue for the band as we leaned further toward a more blackened approach stylistically. Having more of a tech death background, this EP was a way to lead our fans into the next era. Between The Worlds Of Life And Death is an album that really is just a continuation of what we started with Accursed. It captures the band’s core sound, but also brings a newer and bold take on this brand of metal. We want this to be the most approachable album we have made for metal fans. We want people to put this on and be sucked in immediately, yet keep coming back for more.”

Their new album is set to be released on May 24th, featuring guest appearances from members of Interloper, Alkaloid, and others.