July 13, 2024

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Paul Stanley Wants To Start A KISS Tribute Band

Now that the end of the road came last December for KISS when they wrapped up their legendary career in rock n roll music, another potential scenario has emerged.

Fans never did get to see final reunion with Ace Frehley or Peter Criss, but they did get an advertisement for new Kiss digital avatars that supposedly mark the end of the band’s “physical existence”. Or is there still a chance that a new physical version of KISS could be returning… as get this… a tribute to itself?

An industry source has informed TMD that talks have now begun to bring back the greatest band in the world, without “selling out their legacy by continuing as a real band.”

“The idea is to bring back KISS in all of its glory, and outlandish pyrotechnics, but it will be trained, younger performers portraying Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter. This way fans get the original lineup experience they asked for, but were denied, and none of the original members actually have to participate.”