April 17, 2024

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The Heavy Metal Comedian: Sam Kinison Murder Conspiracy

The Heavy Metal Comedian:

Sam Kinison Murder Conspiracy

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

The Comedy Store was opened in 1972 by Sammy Shore, the husband of Mitzi Shore and his partner Rudy De Luca. Before that the location was a reputed mob hangout (Ciro’s Nightclub), changing next to a club called Ciro’s Le Disc, where the rock band The Byrds were first discovered. Once taken over by Shore it was painted black to represent the ‘black cube’ of Saturn worship. The Viper Room in the same area of West Hollywood, California, was also painted black after having been a hangout for mobster Mickey Cohen.

It’s said that Sam’s spirit haunts The Comedy Store location to this very day.

The “occult comedian” or the “Heavy Metal comedian” as fans remember was known for his crazy shouting on the stage and wild rock performances of classics like “Wild Thing” and yes, Sam even covered Elvis Presley The King of rock n roll, who I learned was also heavily into practicing the dark arts.

Sam Kinison was first hired by Mitzi (once she took over running the club) to be the doorman, and after time he was allowed to do a set of his comedy act at the end of the night. The location was said to have a basement with dead bodies buried there, just like at The Viper Room (Anthony Fox, Johnny Depp’s missing ex-partner in the club since 2001).

Was it all staged? Is there a darker truth behind the tragic demise of the greatest comic ever?

Why was there no picture of released of Sam’s corpse, which typically happens in most high profile celeb deaths? Is it because there was no body left after the Illuminati tortured him, flayed off his skin and sacrificed him, then consumed parts of his body?

There are some who believe that Sam’s death was faked. I feel that is just more disinformation. There is a very disturbing cover up I have uncovered, and this report will hopefully bring you to a better understanding of just how sinister and truly sleazy that Hollywood is.

It is my assertion that Sam’s death was set up to appear as an accident, but that he was ritually murdered by the freemason Satanic coven that runs the entertainment biz and the New World Order.

For a near 100 mph ‘total impact speed’ head on collision there is no possible way that Sam survives long enough to say the words outside his car about talking to God and going to heaven. Nor would his wife escape without devastating injuries. That is all a form of satanic mockery of Christianity. I also studied his autopsy report and there is not any major damage to the chest or ribs that reflects such a traumatic impact. Sam only literally had some abrasions on his legs and a small scratch noted on the scalp.

The imagery and false narrative that LaBove and others have sold about empty “beer cans” being scattered all over the highway is just more mockery.

Let’s not forget what Sam’s original occupation was before he found fame as a comedian.

He was a preacher.

Sam’s comedy act and ‘frantic religious character’ was frequently compared to Pentecostal revivals he attended as a child. He was a member of the Texas Outlaw Comics, along with comedian Bill Hicks.

From Sam’s website:

“Sam’s Shows sold out like arena rock concerts, and he quickly earned the respect of the biggest rock acts of the late Eighties, like Mötley Crüe, Guns n’ Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne, most of whom appeared in Sam’s music videos.”

I also am working on the investigation of Vince Neil’s late porn star girlfriend who I said was “ritually murdered” as well. He name was Savannah. I connected it all to the 23 Enigma. Savannah died at age 23.

Yes, Vince Neil is a freemason. What is the degree police officers who are secretly members of the masons must reach to become a homicide detective? You know, the person who covers up the crime for the Illuminati.


How many years has it been since Sam was ritually killed?

32 years as of April 10 which inverts to 23 Enigma.

Is it just a coincidence that I am writing this report at this time or is this Sam’s way of reaching out to us from the netherworld? I have felt pulled to this story, despite being very busy with many other subjects, but here we are deep diving into the abyss with the funniest man to ever tell a joke.

As part of my investigation, I will be using Gematria to help readers see that this murder of Sam I have theorized perfectly lines up with the cosmos, and the world of numerology.

The population around the world has become exposed — thanks to science making it very clear — to the concept that what you see is not what you necessarily get: There are multiple dimensions to life and all of existence; and demons, along with certain alien entities are said to be able to go back and forth between our dimension here in the earth realm and the 4th (astral plane).

Gematria — or numerology as it is also called — is one of the tools that we humans have been given to help us examine and ‘dissect the inner workings of existence’.

The numerical equivalent of any given word or name reveals its deeper meaning.

Source of Gematria

“The earliest source for gematria is the “Baraita of the Thirty-two Rules,” written by Rabbi Eliezer ben Rabbi Yosei HaGelili, which lists gematria as rule 28 of its 32 rules for interpreting the Bible. There is some discussion regarding the wording of this Baraita. Some have it as ‘32 rules for interpreting the Torah,’ which would imply that these methods may be applied to derive actual laws. Others have the text ‘32 rules for interpreting Aggadah (non-legalistic elements of Torah).’”

32 = 23 Enigma

FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEOS: Tommy Lee (freemason), Sam Kinison, Vince Neil (freemason), (aired May 11, 1990)

SamKinison.org : Welcome to the official website :

After a five-day honeymoon trip, Sam was scheduled to perform at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, on 10 April 1992. However, on the way to the show, his Pontiac Trans Am crashed into a pickup truck about 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Needles, California.

The Illuminati controlled press, started by freemason backed National Press Club (Bohemian Grove) mocked everyone once they pulled off the assassination of Sam. The first thing they did was attack his issue with sobriety:

Comedian Sam Kinison had traces of cocaine and tranquilizers in his system when he was killed in a head-on collision last month, an expert who reviewed autopsy findings said.

Tranquilizers, Cocaine Found in Kinison’s System – Los Angeles Times (latimes.com)

Kinison, who told in 1990 of kicking his drug addiction, was traveling with his new wife on a desert highway April 10 when his car was hit by a truck that crossed the center line while attempting to pass traffic. Besides cocaine, autopsy findings indicate Kinison had the prescription tranquilizers Valium and Xantac in his system as well as the prescription painkiller codeine, said Dr. Irving Root, who retired as the San Bernardino County coroner’s chief pathologist in 1991.

They even took the mockery one step further the authorities (more freemasons) said that Sam would have survived the crash had he been wearing a seatbelt. That is a ridiculous statement to be made by people who are paid to remain objective minded during an investigation. How could they possibly know he would have survived a head on road collision with or without the seatbelt on?

Carl LaBove himself said that he witnessed Sam ‘lifted off the ground’ by an unseen paranormal force one time backstage at The Comedy Store. I also learned that there were satanic ritual ceremonies going on inside the club.

In February 2011, the Toronto Sun reported that Sam had fathered a child with the wife of his best friend and opening act, Carl LaBove, who had been paying child support for the girl for nearly 13 years. More lies and mockery.

Another part of the mockery is that Sam had just gotten married right before he was assassinated. Notice how everything evolves around destroying the sanctity of marriage or anyone who once followed God and Jesus Christ?

Hell, look at Sam’s comedy routine and that is all he talked about was homosexuals, Jesus and getting divorced twice. It is also well known that once he entered the Hollywood scene that Sam dabbled in homosexual sex with Richard Pryor’s son, among others, while under the influence of drugs.

Furthermore, in 1990 there was a bogus court case brought against Sam’s bodyguard for reportingly attempting to rape Sam’s future wife Malika. Then there was thecrazy claim she made that Sam’s last will and testament was forged by his family. More Satanic mockery.

I can tell you all firsthand that Sam was definitely a legendary druggie, perhaps the worst cocaine habit of any celebrity ever, honestly. My old roommate in the 90s was friends with Sam and was obsessed with his comedy plus his partying ways. They had met each other when Sam was doing cocaine in the stall of one of the clubs he was performing at in Hollywood. My friend was a legit party maniac, trust me, I did cocaine with him many nights and he was an absolute animal. The stories I heard about Sam doing blow are beyond epic and frightening. That being said, he developed enemies, and somewhere along the line I believe the freemasons hatched a plan to sacrifice him like Jesus.

He was a sinner, no doubt. Like so many. The kicker is that prior to his ‘staged death’ guitarist Slash from Guns N Roses went on Howard Stern radio show (another Illuminati puppet) to tell a tall tale about Sam attacking him and trying to choke him to death in his hotel room in 1991. Yes, more mockery.

On the Satanic calendar, April is a popular time for human sacrifice.

date variesGood Friday
Day of Passion
(death of Christ)
bloodhuman sacrificemale only
date variesEaster Eve Daybloodhuman sacrificemale or female (adult)
Apr 21-26Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim

Sam Kinison Ritual Murder in Hebrew Gematria equals 1178

Remarkably, look what also registers the same exact number sequencing when searched in Hebrew:

Conspiracy Theorist equals 1178

Jesus Died For Us equals 1178

Robe of Jesus equals 1178

Satanic Judaism equals 1178

Sacrificed More Than Youd equals 1178

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