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Mick Mars Calls Out MÖTLEY CRÜE: Says He is “Available for new songs, short tours, one-offs!”

In a new interview conducted with Riff X’s “Metal XS”, ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars unloads more of the Dirt behind his waging a legal battle with the glam metal legends, insisting that the group is pushing him out after he announced his retirement from doing world tours.

Regarding his current status with MÖTLEY CRÜEMars is very blunt with his words: “I can’t say it’s the end of my association or even being in the band. When I retired, I still made myself available for new songs, short tours, one-offs or residencies and stuff like that.”

Mars contends that his profits are being ripped off, and that he was the only real musician performing live at concerts for The Stadium Tour, exposing Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil for relying on backing tracks. His legal team believes the 72-year-old rocker was being gaslighted and sabotaged, along with the rock media turning on him after he announced his debut solo album, which insiders feel was also the victim of “chart manipulation” on Billboard’s charts.

There is an outside chance that Mick could score a legal upset with his lawsuit against his old group and gain what is called “Majority Shareholder” status in the band and essentially take control of the act he named in the first place and helped to get off the ground by finding the group’s first producer.

Mars believes that the band needs to focus more on creating new music for the fans and playing more important gigs at select historic rock venues. He feels the band is hurting itself by staying out on the road without any new material.

The Crue has yet to produce a new studio album in sixteen years.

Ticket sales for the band’s concerts have dropped off dramatically, and the band minus Mars is booking gigs at State Fair’s this summer and Winstar Casino.

Mick released his debut solo album, The Other Side Of Mars, last month via his own label 1313, LLC, in partnership with MRI. Visit his website to order your copy.

 Mars recently told Audacy Check In that it took him more than four decades since MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s inception to release his debut solo album because “MÖTLEY was priority… and now that I’m retired, I’m just me. I mean, if MÖTLEY wanted me to write songs with them again, of course I would… But right now, I’m just me, so I’m writing, and it’s not MÖTLEY, and it’s how I feel — my ideas and my kind of thing and kind of trying to reinvent myself or bring myself up to date.”

Mick Mars Official Website – The Other Side of Mars (