March 4, 2024

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Tommy Lee Once Dated Naomi Campbell, Figure at Center of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Underage Sex Ring’ Scandal

As the Jeffrey Epstein scandal heats up hotter than ever before, it looks like a big name in the rock music industry is being exposed as potentially being the unnamed John who paid for underage sex with girls procured at Naomi Campbell parties. It’s said that Campbell worked as a lure for the Epstein ring under recently convicted Ghislaine Maxwell. Many different models have come forward but remain anonymous for their protection. Nonetheless, a shocking new revelation sheds light on how these models were being picked up by the ring and forced into sex slavery.

The news was first announced this past December that 170 high profile associates would be revealed tied to dead billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself before he could be brought to justice for numerous sex related crimes when purportedly running a sex slave underage prostitution ring that he profited from.

The Wall Street Journal reports that one of Epstein’s accusers went with him to a Naomi Campbell event in Paris:

The Ukrainian model said she attended a 2010 fashion event for Naomi Campbell in Paris when Epstein spotted her and sent a Russian woman to talk to her. The woman described Epstein to her as a wealthy philanthropist who was a friend of Campbell and could help her modeling career. “She seemed very upper-class,” the Ukrainian said of the Russian woman. “I saw her standing next to the celebrities in the VIP crowd.”

Another accuser said that Campbell procured an underage model to have sex with a client on a yacht.

In a statement provided to The Fashion Law site, a rep for Ms. Campbell denied that the model “ever had a birthday party on a yacht.” Campbell’s name has been linked to Epstein in the recent past, as the supermodel was listed on at least two flight logs for Epstein’s private plane – one for a trip from London to New York in February 2002.

Naomi Campbell’s link to Jeffrey Epstein case revealed in bombshell documents

Campbell claims she “had no idea Epstein was using her name to attract young girls interested in modeling, and as he did with many others, he overstated their acquaintanceship,” said a spokeswoman for the model. “She deeply regrets having had any contact with Epstein after his conviction.”

During her deposition for the 2015 lawsuit, Giuffre testified that she had sex with the owner of a large hotel before attending Campbell’s birthday party in France. 

‘I believe it was around the same time that Naomi Campbell had a birthday party,’ Guiffre stated, adding that the sexual encounter occurred ‘in his own cabana townhouse thing.’ 

So, if Campbell is not telling the truth about this purported illegal encounter claimed by this model at one of her parties, plus others, what else and who else is she covering up? Her ex-boyfriend Tommy Lee starts to make all the sense in the world, once the dots are connected on his close association to Campbell and the ring.

Among other names included in the new Epstein drop besides Campbell and Lee, includes Flavio Briatore, plus Campbell’s former Victoria’s Secret boss Lex Wesner has been named on the Epstein client list.

In a video from 2019 Naomi fully admitted that she knew Epstein, adding: ‘I was introduced to him on my 31st birthday by my ex-boyfriend Flavio Briatore‘, the Italian businessman who has been convicted of fraud. He was always front and center at Victoria’s Secret shows.

The public at large is growing impatient with the slow route to justice for these abused young women, as insiders believe that rocker Tommy Lee and Naomi Campbell, among others connected to these crimes, will be brought to justice sooner rather than later.

The picture seen below shows Campbell with a young underage blonde woman at one of her parties (not confirmed as Virginia Giuffre but believed to be) forced by the ring to engage in prostitution. The man with the gray hair and sunglasses is believed to be Flavio Briatore (although not confirmed), who was also at one time romantically linked to supermodel Heidi Klum, who once dated bodyguard to the stars Martin Kirsten, the last man to see rock legend Chris Cornell alive. Cornell had made claims that there was an elite child trafficking ring being carried out by elites before he was found suicided in his hotel room after a Soundgarden concert in 2017.

Tommy Lee confirmed back in 2004 that he indeed was dating Naomi Campbell. As the story goes, the couple started dating after mutual pal SEAN ‘P DIDDY’ COMBS brought them together at a party, according to America’s PEOPLE magazine.