July 21, 2024

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Corey Feldman Wants Rock Stardom, And Nobody Is Going To Stop Him… Not Even “Hate”

Former 80s child actor Corey Feldman wants the rock music community to take him seriously. The wannabe Michael Jackson impersonator will be opening for LIMP BIZKIT on their ‘Loserville Tour’ in 2024 and has expressed his interest in fronting PANTERA, believe it or not, even though nobody asked him to do it. This past August saw Feldman leave his sick wife to continue his ascent to rock stardom.

Word going around is that Feldman’s ego is at an all-time high, and his wife tried to get him to reel in his delusional thoughts about becoming a big rock star, and this is why she is no longer a part of his music act, where fans used to enjoy watching her play the keyboards at small venue gigs that Feldman is mostly known for screwing up performances at over hilarious technical mishaps, which culminates in the 5 foot 5 tall grown adult losing his temper.

Visit the tour website for tickets and full information.

Now a YouTube channel has dropped a video below to defend Feldman, who it says is the victim of “hate”, and not a talentless idiot, that others think he has morphed into all these decades later after he first found fame starring in blockbuster hit movies like Stand By Me and The Goonies.

Limp Bizkit Plans 2024 ‘Loserville Tour’ With Corey Feldman, Bones, Riff Raff (liveforlivemusic.com)