March 4, 2024

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SWARF DAMAGE – New Album Pre-Order Details Revealed

The tension builds with every passing moment, the chains inside twist tighter, biting into my heart and filling my chest with burning blood, desperate for release. And everywhere I turn there’s another scornful glance, another disparaging word, another threat, another challenge; every line I read is infected with lies that drag me closer to the edge. All around me is a seething mass of people who have bought their ticket to ride on this train of deceit, malice and mind rot – but I won’t close my eyes, won’t cover my ears, won’t shut my mouth and let my spirit die. My restraint is fracturing and the dam holding back my hate is about to burst. This is your four minute warning…and it’s more than you deserve.

SWARF DAMAGE are fueled by the flames of an all-consuming rage, ignited by anger at our broken society. They are driven to distraction by the throat scarring, acidic bile that drips from jagged wounds left by a bitter disappointment in humanity’s imbecilic weakness – and they have transformed the essence of that repressed violence and incendiary frustration into riffs like weapons! Wrapped in the barbed wire defiance of hardcore punk and surfing on the adrenaline infused intensity of thrash metal, the band’s self titled debut album is here to confront, to resist, to tear down the unacceptable and to unleash hell! Songs like the rampaging ‘Four Minute Warning’ and the glorious speedball that is ‘Batten Down The Hatches’ are irresistible summons to the cathartic explosion of the pit! Swarf Damage know that life is hard, but with the full frontal assault of ‘Decayed’ they are demanding that you suck that shit up, roll with the punches and never, ever go down for the count. This album is built upon the indefatigable spirit of crossover, but while its roots stretch back to the ‘80s its electrifying energy and universal voice keep it hitting like a timeless nuclear strike against everything from injustice to stupidity, selfishness to just one bad day too many.

Rising out of the fertile and creative music scene on the Isle Of Man, Swarf Damage are renowned for their devastating live performances – a battering experience that they’ll be bringing to the mainland in early ’24 when they join the legendary Discharge for what is bound to be an unforgettable night at the Boulevard in Wigan. Every drop of that live venom, all that unbridled ferocity and unstoppable force, has been captured on the Swarf Damage album by the engineering, mixing and mastering skills of Simon Harvey of Aeons. Meanwhile the grit and attitude that define Swarf Damage’s identity are perfectly encapsulated in the brilliant artwork that adorns the album cover, courtesy of Manx artist, Anna Clucas. Available on CD and digital formats from December 8th, Swarf Damage is an album not to be fucked with.

Pre-order your copy of Swarf Damage now from:

Michael Cowley – Vocals
Dan Wade – Bass
Andrew Scott Blake – Guitar
Keith Harris – Guitar
Brian Duffy – Drums

Genre: Thrash Metal/Hardcore/Crossover
For fans of: Cro-Mags | D.R.I. | Sick Of It All | Nuclear Assault

Further Information: