June 22, 2024

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World’s First Flying Drum Show With Mick Mars in WHITEHORSE, Filmed in 1975 (VIDEO)

Ousted MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars, 72, contends in his lawsuit that he is the true creator of the band, having named the group himself, came up with all the cool stage theatrics, along with writing the most recognizable guitar riffs, including funding the act with his own backer in the start, plus bringing along already a decade of experience playing in bands (with serious industry contacts). One of those bands he jammed in was named WHITEHORSE, and they would end up having a major influence on the Crue’s stage show, due to drummer Jack Valentine’s innovative ‘flying drums’, inspiring drummer Tommy Lee to believe he and his drum kit could “fly”. Watch the historic video below.

The uploader of this historic video is the drummer of WHITEHORSE Jack Valentine. He shared the following words:

“Ok due to popular request here is the 1975 upside-down drums video without my voice over so you can hear more Mick Mars without stupid me talking over him playing. Again, this was shot by my mother and an unknown surfer dude with a camera on 8mm silent film. I over dubbed the audio track from our Starwood upside-down show from a year later. Because 8mm films in those days were only 3 minutes long each camera ran out at the exciting finish where I would bail out upside-down to finish the song on my feet while the drums were still upside down. Unfortunately, that was never captured on film. If there is any of you out there that saw one of the over 20 shows, we performed all over Southern California in the mid 70’s, I would love to hear your story of what you remember. Cheers.”

People seem to forget how important Mick Mars is to the Heavy Metal world, let alone the major influence that he had on creating MÖTLEY CRÜE, turning them into the most theatrical rock band of their era, and cementing their names in rock n roll history with many classic hits, heard all over the radio and MTV, and at arena concert venues, along with Crue hits his riffs made famous being played during TV commercials and sporting events all over the world. When so many other bands from local rock clubs continued to struggle to make a name for themselves, it seemed like Mick Mars always had a very bold vision. He was truly ahead of his time, undoubtedly.