June 22, 2024

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Ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE Guitarist Mick Mars Set to Unleash “The Other Side Of Mars” Debut Solo Album, Music Is Not AI Composed (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s ex-guitarist Mick Mars has told Rolling Stone he is seeking a record label to release his upcoming debut solo album, “The Other Side Of Mars”. Song titles set to appear on the CD, which is described by Rolling Stone writer Andy Greene as “darker and more aggressive than anything in the CRÜE catalog,” include “Broken On The Inside”“Alone”“Lonely In Your Grave”“Loyal To The Lie”“Decay”“Fear”“Memories” and “Erased”.

Mars went on to say that he won’t hit the road in support of the upcoming LP. “I’m done touring,” he said. “If somebody really, really wants a one-off, or a couple of nights, I would probably do it. But all that travel stuff and planes … I’m way over it.”

Mars is not even against doing a Vegas residency or something more substantial like that, as he details in his lawsuit against his former band mates. He was also way over all the juvenile antics of Sixx, Neil and Lee.

Mars launched a lawsuit against his former bandmates, claiming they are frauds and have been faking all of their live performances on The Stadium Tour, and that he was the only one actually performing 100% live at those show. TMD reported that the Crue’s forthcoming new studio album, their first in 15 years, is 100% AI composed, and features AI vocal performance by Scott Stapp and ghost bassist Bob Rock, the album’s producer.

Word is that Mars’ first solo album is not AI composed, thankfully. It will be an authentic rock n roll album that we all know we can count on from him. Besides Mars on guitar, the others involved include a former glam rock singer on vocals and other guest musicians.

According to, vocalist Jacob Bunton (Mars Electric), the album will finally see the light of day.

As the story goes, Bunton’s Mars Electric rock band once toured as an opener for the Crue.

Bunton, the sole lead vocalist on the album, says he’s began writing and recording with Mars for several months in 2020, and they are finished with the album. The sessions have been taking place at one-time Mötley Crüe producer Michael Wagener‘s Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

“The power goes out it’s so loud,” he tells AL.com of Mars’ signature guitar sound. “It’s louder than anything you’ve ever heard in your life. Louder than a jet engine — I’m not exaggerating. He runs through so many cabinets and heads and everything, it’s insane, but his tone is just the most incredible thing you’ve heard.”

Early in his career, Bunton, from Alabama, gained notoriety with Mars Electric, a Birmingham band with gnarlier guitars than most radio alt-rockers of the time.

He dug into darker, crunchier sounds with Lynam, another Birmingham combo. (Check out “Enemy,” their cowbell-clanging collabo with Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer.) Behind the scenes, Bunton’s built impressive main gigs in songwriting, for the likes Mariah Carey, Smokey Robinson and Steven Tyler, and composing music for film, TV and videogames, including “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” “Sons of Anarchy,” Californication” and “EA Sports MMA.”

Mars understandably wishes to keep much about his solo album under wraps for now, although an official announcement with album artwork, official track listing, etc.. will be made available shortly.