July 12, 2024

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Industry Source: Scott Stapp Secretly Cut Vocals For New MÖTLEY CRÜE Album Using AI Technology

TMD has been tipped off that ex-CREED singer Scott Stapp was secretly enlisted to replace Vince Neil‘s vocals on the forthcoming MÖTLEY CRÜE album. Stapp at one-point last year was rumored to be replacing Neil as a new official member of the Crue, but due to that story posted by Rocket of TMD causing so much trouble within Crue’s camp, because ex-Crue guitarist Mick Mars hated Stapp with a passion, the Crue aborted their plans to fire the troubled Vince Neil, and instead axed Mars. This new strategy will allow Neil to continue to assume the lead vocalist’s role on the stage, because he is so beloved, no matter how damaged his real singing voice actually is.

According to a new lawsuit filed by Mars against his old bandmates, the elderly guitar hero claims Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil all were guilty of using backing tracks and doing lip-sync during all of the Stadium Tour concerts.

Here is the word from a trusted industry source who shall remain anonymous:

“Ghost vocalists are being used in the studio because now with AI they can switch out the lead vocals for Vince Neil with another singer but it still sounds like Vince. The technology is already being used. That is what they did with Chester and Slipknot. They still just used Corey mannerisms with a Chester voice sample. Anyway, with Crue the ghost sings and the technology changes his voice to a sampled Vince Neil from an early Crue studio recording.”

Believe it or not, the new Crue album is said to be 100% composed by AI, and will also enlist producer Bob Rock as the “ghost bassist” for Sixx, who can’t actually play his bass well enough to record.

For further details on the rise of AI technology in rock n roll music, listen to Rock And Roll Death Brigade broadcast HERE on WQEE 99.1 FM rock station in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by Randy “Rocket” Cody.

There is definitely an industry wide problem going on currently with metal bands like Crue, KISS, Static-X and PANTERA fake playing along to tape piped in at concerts, who just got busted in 2023 using backing tracks live.

BEATLES legend Paul McCartney recently voiced his concerns about the rise of AI in rock music, after it was revealed a final BEATLES song will employ AI to recreate the late John Lennon’s singing voice.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Best of Today” podcast, the Beatles icon candidly shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence and how it’s helped him as a musician.

“There’s a good side to it and a scary side,” he said.

McCartney said he’s concerned with how AI might be used going forward, given its ability to perform trickery like replacing one singer’s vocals with another person.

“All of that is kind of scary,” McCartney said, “but exciting — because it’s the future.”

Scott Stapp Was Introduced to MÖTLEY CRÜE Through Tommy Lee