July 18, 2024

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Industry Source: PANTERA Producer Sterling Winfield Has Final Dimebag & Vinnie Paul Tracks “Archived”

TMD has been tipped off by an industry source that the final tracks completed in the studio by the legendary founders of PANTERA do indeed exist and are currently in the possession of PANTERA producer Sterling Winfield.

“He has them archived,” responded the source, who shall remain anonymous. What are said to be 6 final studio recordings created by the late Abbott brothers, Dimebag and Vinnie Paul, are said to be the duo’s finest production ever, according to those who have heard the songs. There are purportedly six songs cut by the brothers, guitar and drums totally completed. All that needs to be done to finish them and release them today is simply add bass and vocals.

Do you believe in miracles? PANTERA fans do. Since being started… an exciting new cause launched by TMD on Facebook is calling for Dimebag Darrell’s last studio tracks (meant for the 2nd Damageplan album) to be instead produced as the final record by the legendary Cowboys From Hell.

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The most genius thing of this whole idea when you think about it is that Rex “The Full Meal Deal” Brown and Philip Anselmo would just need to lay down their bass and vocals. They are busy right now honoring the brothers with a tribute tour, so perhaps when the time is right they will honor the fallen metal icons the proper way, not just by cashing in on their past notoriety.

How could these tracks be heavy enough to even attempt using them as Pantera songs? It’s well known that the first Damageplan record consisted of many rejected Pantera demo songs after Reinventing The Steel. In a nutshell, Dime said it himself about these unreleased tracks in November/2004 a month before his tragic on-stage murder:

“We are gonna be blatant about Vinnie and Dime and the drums and the guitars. It’s gonna be a thorough ass-kickin’, and extremely brutal.”

The Pantera tribute concerts are under fire currently for the recent report posted by TMD that reveals Dime’s fill-in guitarist Zakk Wylde is actually faking it live and playing along to backing tracks that are actually Dimebag playing, believe it or not.