July 24, 2024

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Paul Stanley of KISS is a Closet Homosexual, According to Peter Criss and Ace Frehley

Legendary ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss published a tell-all book in 2012 titled Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS, in which he reveals ‘the dirt’ about the band’s strangest members. No, Peter wasn’t talking about he and Ace Frehley. He was talking about Gene Simmons and the band’s Disco inspired singer Paul Stanley, in particular.

More to the point, in the book there’s a bit about singer-guitarist Paul Stanley’s flamboyant homosexual behavior being put right out in the open, believe it or not.

“Paul’s sexuality became a topic of speculation even for us guys in the band,” writes Criss. “Paul always loved to doodle. And he drew the best cocks in the universe: He could have gotten a job working at a gay porno magazine. He had the veins down, he had the balls just perfect. Ace would say, ‘You gotta suck a dick to draw a dick that good.’ Gene would just sit there and not say anything but smile as if to say, ‘You Think?'”

Word is that Simmons himself has been bi-sexual for a long time, although his preference is women, and that this according to Ace Frehley has led to the KISS bassist being sued numerous times for sexual misconduct against females. However, Frehley, along with Criss, are confirming that Paul Stanley prefers men over women, despite being married and having children of his own.

Now TMD has been tipped off that there was a moment in time that Frehley learned first hand with his own eyes that both Simmons and Stanley were secretly carrying out a torrid gay sex affair with one another.

In a recent Eddie Trunk interview, ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley threatened to expose the truth about Simmons and Stanley for an insult that was made towards the legendary guitar hero and the much beloved Peter Criss.

The alleged insult was made during Kiss’s recent appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, when the band confirmed details of their final live shows. Asked by Stern about their refusal to perform with Frehley and former drummer Peter Criss at their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2014, frontman Paul Stanley responded, “Because if you saw people onstage who looked like Kiss but sounded like that… maybe we should be called Piss.”

Frehley issued a brutal ultimatum to Stanley and Simmons during an appearance on Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation show, which is also hosted by Sirius XM.

“I’m going to make a statement to Paul Stanley right now” Frehley said. “I’m telling you that I want a formal apology for what you said, and a retraction and an apology within seven days. And if I don’t get that within seven days I’m coming back on Ed Trunk’s show – if you’ll have me, Ed – and I’m going to tell some dirt that nobody knows about Paul and Gene, that I’ve always kept to myself because I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t talk about this. I like to talk about positive stuff.

“My attorney has it in a safety deposit box. God forbid anything happens to me, my attorney is instructed to release it to the New York TimesRolling Stone, everybody. So, they can’t intimidate me with trying to hurt me or saying ‘you better not say anything about me live on the radio,’ because then they’re totally screwed. Their careers will be ruined. Those guys aren’t squeaky clean.” 

Late WARRANT singer Jani Lane‘s ex wife Bobby Brown said once when she met Paul Stanley he immediately hit her gaydar screen, “He was just effeminate – extremely effeminate. I don’t know, it was pretty creepy I have to say. No offense to KISS and all that stuff, but it was bizarre.”

Brown went a step further, suggesting that Stanley might even be gay. She said, “I really have a feeling that he might be…”

According to Urban Dictionary:

A gay person who wants to keep their true sexual orientation
a secret.
A homosexual who will make a big show of dating the opposite sex to hide their gayness.
A fag who can’t or won’t accept the truth about thier sexual
A person who looks and acts like a queer but has an army of deniers to defend his charade.

SHOCKER: Ace Frehley Caught Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Having Homosexual Intercourse Together

KISS “Flaming Youth” Lyrics:

My parents think I’m crazy
And they hate the things I do
I’m stupid and I’m lazy
Man, if they only knew

How flaming youth can set the world on fire
Flaming youth
Our flag is flying higher and higher and higher

My uniform is leather
And my power is my age
I’m gettin’ it together
To break out of my cage

‘Cause flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth
Our flag is flying higher and higher and higher

Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth will set the world on fire
Flaming youth
Our flag is flying higher and higher…
And higher and higher and higher and higher and higher

Ace Frehley claims to keep a 120-page document of “dirt” on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in a safety deposit box