Shocker: CHESTER BENNINGTON, John Podesta & Pedogate?


Shocker: CHESTER BENNINGTON, John Podesta & Pedogate?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Palos Verdes Public Information Officer Corporal Robinson says officers responded to a call at 8:56 AM this past Thursday on July 20th regarding the untimely passing of LINKIN PARK lead vocalist Chester Bennington, 41.

While Chester Bennington’s death is being investigated as an apparent suicide, authorities cannot possibly be ruling out murder as of yet, because as with any typical death investigation that begins you cannot rule out one or the other until all the evidence at the scene is fully analyzed, witnesses are interviewed, plus the autopsy/tox reports both still need to get completed. Rushing to judgment leads to botched rulings. Let’s slow down a little, shall we? If for anyone, how about the deceased human being named CHESTER?

Doesn’t he deserve our most critical eye on the matter?

LINKIN PARK frontman, Chester Bennington, allegedly took his own life by hanging himself with a belt attached to a door that separated his bedroom from his closet. The vocalist is purported to have killed himself in his bedroom.

He was discovered shortly before 9 AM PT by his housekeeper. As the story goes, Chester had just flown in to L.A. Wednesday, back from Arizona, where he was with his wife. It’s been reported that she stayed back in Arizona, for unknown reasons, and it’s estimated that Chester died somewhere between Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

Reportedly one of Chester’s LINKIN PARK bandmates showed up at his Palos Verdes Estates home – near Los Angeles – shortly after police arrived on Thursday. He said he was there to give Chester a ride to their band’s photo shoot and was “absolutely shocked” to learn he was no longer alive.

The more puzzling thing, with respect to the timing of the alleged suicide of Bennington, if LINKIN PARK was scheduled to do a photo shoot in Hollywood later that same day why would someone who has all these exciting things planned, a lovely wife and 6 kids, millions of dollars in the bank, a beautiful home, a new lease on life, just out of the blue attach a belt around his neck and end it all in such a painful manner? And don’t get it twisted… hanging yourself is no damn walk in the park. It can be one of the most excruciating and miserable ways to die actually.

“I’m over pain…”

– Chester Bennington
said in reply to question of his past injury.

In his final interview, Chester himself said he hates pain. He had broken his leg not long ago and was no longer even into the idea of getting one more tattoo on his body, due to his intense aversion toward having to suffer at all.

LINKIN PARK canceled the remaining dates of its “Hunting Party” concert tour in 2015 due to a leg injury sustained by Chester Bennington.

Therefore, it is my opinion that based off the man’s own admission via video interview right before he died, a very powerful testimony the world cannot deny, that Chester Bennington was murdered, just like Chris Cornell.

Think about it. LINKIN PARK also had a concert tour scheduled to begin in one week, promoting a popular new album.

Why? Why would Chester do this? Where is the proof he was unhappy?

Pending a toxicology report, we don’t know if any narcotics are involved in the death, some ‘partially consumed’ alcohol in a container was spotted nearby the body they are saying.

Reportedly there was no suicide note left. Just like Chris Cornell, yet Chester had just written a passionate open letter to his buddy Cornell when he learned of his death.

He can write a note for his friend but not one to his wife and kids before he is going to end his own life? That makes no sense. Again, he also sang at Chris Cornell’s funeral… and he is found dead on his late friend’s first birthday since his death?

TMZ, the Hollywood gossip news site, claims Chester was “found hanging from a door separating his bedroom from his closet”. and almost in an identical manner Chris Cornell died hanging from a hotel door separating the bedroom from the bathroom.

Is this another homicidal strangulation fabricated to be a suicide? The details of Chester’s demise are way too similar not to at least examine the possibility, right?

The fact is both of these late rock stars were close friends, having shared the stage together multiple times and Chester was allegedly a God father to Chris Cornell’s 11-year-old son. And Bennington even sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s memorial back in May.

Is this all tied to PEDOGATE somehow? Chester was open to the public about his past of being abused sexually as a child and is said to have been very supportive of Chris’ own foundation to help abused kids, trafficked teens, etc..

Chester Bennington and John Podesta look like IDENTICAL TWINS!!!

Now an explosive rumor has emerged online that claims Chester is the bastard love child of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, who is at the center of the PEDOGATE/PIZZAGATE controversy.

One online source via GLP claimed that Chester had received some type of a grant thanks to John Podesta who obviously has major Washington influence via his association with the Clinton’s.

Also, Chester was said to have been sexually molested as a young child for several years by
an older ‘family friend’ who some are now saying might actually be John Podesta.

It is said that the man who adopted Chester as his son was actually a police officer who dealt primarily with child abuse/trafficking rings.

I reported 2 months back that an anonymous source close to Chris Cornell’s camp said Chris was killed because he was allegedly getting ready to expose some high level pedophiles in Hollywood and Washington. HOLE’s Courtney Love purportedly turned up in a black book tied to an elite pedo sicko, so fans have begun to question a possible tie-in.

She is a friend to Vicky Cornell and was spotted at Chris’ funeral, again where Chester actually sang a song for Chris Cornell in eulogy. A rumor has long circulated for years that claimed Love had her husband Kurt Cobain of grunge rock act NIRVANA murdered back in 1994 and staged his assassination to look like a suicide.

Despite a report that came out by yournewswire, that stated police were looking at Chester’s case as a homicide, Bennington’s death is said to be currently investigated as “a suicide by hanging,” a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office told ABC News on Friday.

Wait a minute. We just started the investigation, right? We are still pending all the medical findings, right? What is the damn rush? How can you honestly say this is a proper investigation with no bias when you make that kind of statement to the public? They need to say it is still an open investigation, not offer anything more than that, and just leave it at that, until all the evidence in the case can be fully analyzed.

“A final cause of death won’t be confirmed until after the autopsy is completed”, according to Ed Winter, a spokesman for the coroner’s office.

Yeah, but you are already pushing the SUICIDE narrative, just like Detroit PD did with the Chris Cornell case, who we just learned did not even send in the bodyguard’s finger swabs for analysis because they felt strongly enough that it was a suicide.

Yet, forensic experts say that DNA found on the hands or under nails could certainly indicate an intense fight between two people.

LINKIN PARK was set to kick off their One More Light World Tour with special guests Machine Gun Kelly and ONE OK ROCK in less than a week from now in Mansfield, Mass. on July 27. They have since announced the tour is cancelled due to Chester Bennington’s untimely death.

In one of his last ever interviews, Chester talked about how the band’s latest album had helped him to come out of the “darkest time” of his life, adding that it was the point that he “chose to fight for what I wanted”.

All of his bandmates are in total shock and disbelief, by all accounts Chester was happy and
feeling good about life at the time he died and was looking forward to the big LINKIN PARK tour.

Finally, Talinda Bennington, Chester’s wife posted a tweet on July 21 that was later removed and said to have been posted by a hacker.

It read: “He didn’t kill himself, he was already DEAD before he killed himself. I have proof…”

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