ROCKET – To Release Debut Solo Album On Halloween

Creator and Editor of THE METAL DEN, Randy “Rocket” Cody, will release his eponymous debut solo album on Halloween, October 31st, 2017 via THE METAL DEN Records. Official artwork and tracklist will be posted soon. All formats are to be made available, including limited edition vinyl.

Rocket will be produced, mixed and mastered by none other than lead vocalist Randy “Rocket” Cody.

Rocket comments:

“Den Headz, this is going to be wicked! Can you believe it? My own damn solo record? How cool is that? Well, needless to say I have been recording a ton of demo tracks with one single purpose… to produce the most crazy sounding metal tunes as possible. I am working with an assortment of guitarists and other musicians from all around the world, so stay tuned to learn more about who exactly is going to be jamming on the record with me. No doubt, this is going to be the most crushing solo metal album you have heard from anyone in recent years, it’s that good. Enough of the pussy shit! My solo album will even make Metallica’s hipster friendly “Hardwired” sound like fucking child’s play! You will hear proper technical extreme metal drumming that Lars can not do any longer, heavier than shit guitar riffs, and super shredding solos that make Kirk Hammett sound like a pink jacket wearing amateur. And my psycho screams and wide vocal range flat out brutalizes ‘frog throat’ James Hetfield aka “Mr. Mic Fail” all over the playing field!!”

Are you ready for a taste of the heavy shit Rocket plans to throw down for y’all on Halloween?

Listen to a demo teaser HERE!!

Rocket launched the official TMD site in 2006 and has since turned the metal world upside down, his goddamn electric posts having been published at all the premiere rock/metal webzines and radio sites, including metalunderground, KNAC, antimusic & Sixx Sense online. No other rock music journalist has been published at more sites on the net than Rocket over the past decade. THE METAL DEN is dedicated to fallen Texas shredder
Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

TMD Records Rules!!

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