WORMROT – Cancels U.S. Tour

Singapore Grindcore act WORMROT has cancelled a previously scheduled U.S. tour due to America’s ongoing political issues with travel and immigration. The band comments:

“Due to the current political climate and numerous bands being turned away at U.S. customs, we felt it was not worth the risk coming to America without the right paperwork, which is expensive.

“Therefore we truly apologize that we must postpone our U.S. tour until next year when we can focus on a full-length tour with all the right papers. We regret that we came to a decision this late, one month to the start of the tour. Once again, we apologize to everyone who are affected.”

Wormrot plays grindcore and was signed to Earache Records (UK) in 2010. Ever since Wormrot was formed in 2007, they have been doing months-long tours in the US, EU and the neighbouring Asian countries. Aside from the usual underground shows in a converted garage in Denver, a squat in Berlin or a cave in Penang, they’ve also played in festivals like Obscene Extreme Festival (CZ), Scion Rock Fest (US), SXSW (US), Incubate Fest (NL), Bloodshed Fest (NL), Baybeats (SG) and many more.

Source: metalunderground


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