ANALYSIS OF AN AUTOPSY: Chester Bennington

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ANALYSIS OF AN AUTOPSY: Chester Bennington

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

First off, it looks like someone took one too many hits off the Electric Kool Aid before they started writing the #autopsy report for decedent Chester Charles Bennington. Or did they have a 9 year old scribble it? This is without a doubt the most disgraceful and unprofessional adult handwriting I’ve ever seen.

Honestly, it is barely legible. I would be embarrassed if this was my handwriting and the public, by the tens of thousands each day, was viewing it as they are right now. What a shame someone does not have more respect for themselves and the job they are doing, not to mention the deceased human being this report represents.

That is one thing I want to point out. Yes, Chester Bennington was a world famous rock star worth millions of dollars, and yes, rock idols typically succumb to an early tragic death. But any human being God has created for this experience on planet earth has the right to a fair death investigation.

No matter what you might think, whatever bias or opinion you developed in the matter, for whatever reason, the process of justice does not change.

A man is due that little shred of dignity at the end of the day.

I feel this case was another rush to judgment, just like in the Cornell case, and a major cover up is going on in the L.A. police department, L.A. coroner, and the L.A. mainstream news media.

By the end of this special 3 part report I am publishing on behalf of Mr. Bennington, I will beyond a shadow of a doubt prove that I have been right all along, and show everyone that what we are dealing with here is not a suicide. Mr. Bennington was suicided.

But besides having absolutely pathetic penmanship, medical examiner Chris Rogers looks to literally have rushed at the last minute to fill out something to turn in to their teacher at high school.

Secondly, I paid for the report out of my own pocket, and told them I was media, yet they release it to TMZ at the same time? What was the damn point of me paying for it?

And what the hell took so damn long to release a report for a case that was called a slam dunk “suicide”?

130+ days?

These Luciferians are very clever. They say they ran “tests” is why it took so long. They merely used this as a stall tactic. It is obvious.

No case should take over 4 months to issue a finalized autopsy. This is beyond ludicrous. It is a mockery of human rights.

Mr. Bennington’s death was never investigated as a homicide. The fact alone that the damn coroner took one third of a year’s time to finish a basic medical exam for what was called a ‘suicide’ immediately upon the body being found tells me that no real investigating was done.

My belief is they were not going to release it, because they know it blew up in Detroit’s face when they released the botched autopsy by Theodore Brown which did not support the narrative being sold to the public. Point blank, my online #TruthForChester campaign went viral and has drawn way too much attention. One notorious disinfo site published a story about Chester’s death, citing my worldwide acclaimed Chris Cornell investigation, and that article was shared 1,000,000 times and republished on 100 sites around the globe. A lot of these scandalous “clickbait” spots on the net run by these demons get off on using my work for some reason. Maybe it is because it makes them a lot of advertising money due to the fact that what I write generates a ton of views, yah think?

It was my pressuring via non stop writing that finally made them release Chester’s post mortem medical exam report. That is the truth and if you are too stupid to see that or want to live in denial there is nothing I can do about that.

Chester Bennington Autopsy by Randy "Rocket" Cody on Scribd

It took 4 months to run a few tests to check for MDMA in Chester’s system?

Come on… think about it. Think really hard. Someone is not telling the truth, and it is not me. I’m not the one stalling for months. I am not the one getting caught telling lies like you see happen in the mainstream news reporting all the time.

My first question I will be asking the L.A. coroner’s office is “Did the homicide detectives take finger nail clippings to sample?” So that they could definitely rule out any foul play. If Mr. Bennington was attacked and killed, and then hung to make it appear as a suicide, then he would most likely have the assailants DNA under his nails, understand?

We already know in Chris Cornell’s case the Detroit PD admitted to taking clippings from the bodyguard who found the body but they did not even send them to the lab.

If LAPD did not even run that basic test, then as a citizen of the United States who actually pays their taxes every year, I demand this case be reopened asap so Mr. Bennington’s death gets the proper investigation it deserves.

I also noticed on the autopsy the family did not even care to ask for ‘notification’ when the autopsy got released. Why doesn’t any of his loved ones care about Chester enough to at least review the death exam themselves?

I learned that Chester’s ex wife Sam shared a very interesting post on Facebook. The last paragraph she goes on to write that Chester was going to divorce his wife Talinda.

In my previous report, I proved collusion between LINKIN PARK and John Podesta via SE4ALL global initiative, right?

In Haiti, LINKIN PARK did business with the Clinton’s via their operation SRS recycling, where kids are being trafficked and sold into sex slavery. A Clinton cohort got busted already for attempting to smuggle 33 kids.

The fact is military intelligence officer, along with high level rank government officials like Podesta used their own children via MK Ultra at Lookout Mountain’s Wonderland film studio that was kept secret from the public for many decades going back to before Vietnam and the 60’s was more than just a turning point, it was the beginning of the end for this nation.

Countless Hollywood and pop music stars were used in the MK Ultra program.

If Chester, like his good friend Chris Cornell, got too close to certain key figures tied to the #Pizzagate scandal, and learned of some damning evidence that could burn it all down… well, it doesn’t take a genius to see that he could have become a target for assassination by his own government.

There is a strong belief among independent investigators like myself that Chester is the bastard son of “Skippy” Podesta. Chester is said to have received a large government grant thanks to his estranged pops.

Walt Disney is said to have visited the Wonderland facility, along with being a handler for many young actors. Don’t forget that Disneyland had secret tunnels tied to pedophilia and #Pedogate, just like The Playboy Mansion’s tunnels. Do you see a pattern here?

Oh yeah, Chester’s wife, Talinda… was a former Playboy model.

Just like the Dupont tunnels running underneath Comet Ping Pong, where purportedly owner James Alefantis was caught by a hacker last year to have lurid child porn on his computer. Yet, one year later and DC police will not open a true investigation.

Alefantis’ good pal is none other than John Podesta.

No suicide note was found in both cases but at Chester’s death scene, they found a handwritten biography of sorts according to the TMZ article … so if it wasn’t an ‘autobiography’ then who is the author?

Let’s not forget that the L.A. coroner’s office is dealing with its own scandal currently, as it is known they are one step away from losing their accreditation.

According to this 2016 L.A. Sentinel article:

“Significant understaffing in the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has led to a sobering backlog in toxicology and other testing that could threaten its accreditation by the end of the year”, according to a civil grand jury report I found while doing research.

The report cites problems in the county Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner: “can be attributed to too few budgeted positions, including direct and indirect support personnel, worker fatigue and burnout and to salary constraints that inhibit recruitment and retention of qualified professionals.”

The report concludes: “Which faults the Board of Supervisors for providing “inadequate resources to support” the office, echoes concerns raised by former county coroner Mark Fajardo, who announced his resignation in March to return to the coroner’s job in Riverside County. Fajardo said under-staffing in the department left it unable to properly do its job. According to the grand jury report, staffing shortages at the coroner’s office have left it routinely unable to meet the 90-day standard for completing cases. Under-staffing has also caused a backlog in blood-alcohol testing and has prompted the Forensic Toxicology unit to suspend operations such as gunshot- residue testing and officer-involved shooting case reviews. It has also led to delays in toxicology testing and the use of less definitive and “more elementary” testing procedures.“Additional pressure is added to this stressful environment by (Board of Supervisors) requests averaging 16 times per month for immediate processing of selected cases, which negatively impacts (coroner’s office) internal prioritization of investigations,” according to the report.”

Even more disturbing, the ties between LSD, Ecstasy and CIA are very real:

“Recent documents released by the CIA have confirmed that Project MKUltra was a secret program designed to control children through behavioral engineering. Children were exposed to sexual abuse, forced to take LSD, (MDMA, etc..) and participated in violent tasks. Covert and unofficially sanctioned by the CIA, Project MKUltra was one of the most controversial and unethical programs of all time.”

According to a 1984 broadcast of 60 Minutes: “MK-ULTRA involved more than 130 research programs that took place in prisons, hospitals and universities all over the U.S. Many of the experiments left the test subjects ’emotionally crippled for life’. The clandestine experiments famously involved the use of not only LSD, but psilocybin (magic mushrooms), methamphetamine, barbiturates, mescaline, MDMA, and electroshock therapy. The CIA was attempting to develop tools for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture, according to” Source: THE FIX

Behavioral conditioning. Children were taught how to be seductive. The purpose of some experiments was to turn the youths into “sex kittens”. Kids engaging in sexual contact with adults in order to extract top secret info “was acceptable to some researchers.”

“In 1950, the term “brainwashing” appears for the first time in a Miami news article written by Edward Hunter, a CIA covert propaganda operator. On April 20, 1950, CIA director Richard Hillenkoetter authorizes CIA Project BLUEBIRD, charged to investigate through scientific means various forms of mind control including interrogation techniques, brainwashing, and other behavioral research. The Nazi Dachau experiments are scrutinized, but are determined to be too saturated with sadism to be useful.”

“Though the CIA recently released its files on MKUltra, the documents are highly redacted and censored. The majority of the experiments conducted are still shrouded in secrecy. Many people who were victims of Project MKUltra have testified that they were subjected to sexual slavery.”

The scary CIA history lesson concludes:

“Frank Olson was a former CIA operative. In 1953, at a retreat sponsored by the CIA, he drank a cocktail that had LSD in it. Days later, he jumped from a hotel room in New York City. His death was ruled a suicide, but many believe he was assassinated by the CIA for knowing too much and being considered a liability.”

As the story goes, a second autopsy in 1994 was conducted and revealed injuries that had “likely occurred before the fall” leading many to believe that Frank Olson was killed by the CIA. In 1976, the family received a settlement of $750,000 and a personal apology from then-President Gerald Ford and CIA Director William Colby. The Netflix program Wormwood depicts the shocking scandal in American history.

The sad truth is it looks like history is now repeating itself… and nobody cares.


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