July 21, 2024

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The Ice Man speaks: 

"In '94 I tried to kill myself by overdosing on heroin, cocaine, esctasy, and anything I could get my hands on. At one point, my friends were dumping buckets of cold water on me as I lay on my bathroom floor in convulsions. At that point I had over eighteen million dollars in the bank, and I still couldn't find happiness in being rich or famous. So, after waking up a couple of days later, I realized that I needed to make a change in everything and just go back to the things that used to bring me happiness, like Motocross. I met new friends and started to straighten my life up, and with the help of my family and my music I found new hope.

Now I have a new outlook on life and music. The music is for myself, not to be rich or famous. The new sound is also much harder and darker because of the issues I am writing about. It caters to a new crowd. It leans toward the body piercing, tattoo crowd aging from 15 to 25: the same crowd that you might find at a Korn, Limp Bizkit or Slipknot show. In fact, it was the producer of these bands, Ross Robinson, who produced my record "Hard to Swallow". I call this type of Hip Hop/Metal Molten Hip Hop. Stay tuned because the best has yet to come."

Sample some of Ice's sounds from "Hard To Swallow" HERE.

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