June 21, 2024

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Vince Neil Once Told Scott Stapp That He Could Be The Singer For MÖTLEY CRÜE (UPDATED)

The biggest story in rock n roll keeps getting bigger by the day. The new rumor purports that Nikki Sixx has replaced troubled singer Vince Neil who said his “Voice is gone” and has been forced to lip sync for most of the glam metal band’s comeback tours, according to ousted guitarist Mick Mars. Neil is being replaced in the studio with ex-CREED singer Scott Stapp with the help of AI technology. This is why Neil jokingly stated that he recorded his vocals for the new album over a Zoom call. He is pissed off about the band’s decision but cannot step out of line or he would suffer the wrath of Sixx, according to an insider close to the band.

Crue Producer Marti Fredriksen and ex-Creed singer Scott Stapp

Now ex-Crue singer John Corabi has expressed his suspicions that Nikki Sixx was not telling the fans the truth about Mick Mars departure. TMD revealed that indeed Mars was angry when Sixx and Lee told him that Vince Neil was being ousted due to his poor live vocal performances. Sixx was trying to cover things up so that the ticket sales for The World Tour would not be in jeopardy, so he was holding off on firing Neil, but when TMD got the word got out about Mick leaving, it forced the Crue’s bassist to come clean once and for all, plus he could not get rid of Neil. So, he hatched a secret plan to bring in Stapp to help create Neil’s cloned AI voice. It sounds like a crazy science fiction movie, right?

Corabi thinks Mick Mars was being forced out of the band, by Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee.

*UPDATE* 7/18/2023 It has now been revealed by Mars in a lawsuit against his ex-bandmates that they were faking their live performances by using backing tracks at The Stadium Tour concerts, and Sixx was “gaslighting” Mars.

They opted to use the 72-year old’s rare back disease as the excuse for his departure. Being the most loyal one of the four was a blessing in disguise. This move by Mick protected Vince Neil’s job. At least so far it has. Sixx is currently in a holding pattern, and this is why he will continue to prop up Neil on the stage with the same Milli Vanilli tactics Mars complains Sixx is guilty of doing at all concerts, faking it while Mars was the only one actually performing for real 100%.

During a 2018 private charity performance in which Vince Neil and Scott Stapp both were on the bill together, Neil became friendly with Scott Stapp, who impressed him with his great live vocal performance. It was at this time that the two struck up a friendship, which happened thanks to former Crue producer Marti Frederiksen, who is said to have been the person who introduced the pair which led to them being booked to do the same concert. Subsequently, Marti went on to produce Scott’s solo album in 2019. Keep in mind, Marti not only produced the Crue, but he also produced and wrote the title song for Vince Neil’s “Tattoo’s and Tequilla” solo album, believe it or not.

As the story goes, it was at this private concert event back in 2018 that Vince Neil gave Scott Stapp his blessing to replace him one day as the singer in MÖTLEY CRÜE. According to a source who shall remain anonymous for their own safety, while the two rockers hung out at the after party together, Vince admitted to Scott that he looks up to him for staying clean and sober, plus looking out for his wife and kids above all else, which goes a long way with Neil.

‘Vince told Scott that he knows if the torch for vocalist in the Crue was ever going to be handed off again that Scott was the guy, not Corabi or anyone else. ‘The job belongs to Scott’ is what Neil said to everyone watching.”