SUICIDE SILENCE – Drop “Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.)” Music Video

SUICIDE SILENCE – Drop “Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.)” Music Video

Veteran deathcore act SUICIDE SILENCE have premiered the music video for their new single “Capable Of Violence (N.F.W.)” The NSFW visual accompaniment for the song was once again helmed by director Vicente Cordero (Cradle Of FilthBlack Veil Brides).

The track is the second to emerge thus far from the group’s seventh studio album “Remember… You Must Die“. Recording sessions for that outing took place with Taylor Young (NailsXibalba, etc.) handling the production duties.

The group commented:

“What would it take to make you retaliate? Even further, what would make you take a life? Is there ever an appropriate time for violence? We live in a world where these questions are unfortunately answered by many all of the time. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, yet humanity continues to crave death and destruction. Are you ‘Capable of Violence?’”

“This might be the most Suicide Silence video EVER. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween everyone. Heavy as possible.”

Longtime fans of the band known the unfortunate significance that Halloween holds for the group, as their vocalist Mitch Lucker passed away in a motorcycle accident on this date back in 2012. Guitarist Chris Garza recently commented on opting to release this song on Halloween, offering, “It’s kinda nuts now we’re dropping a song on Halloween night. I don’t know what to say about that, it’s time. It’s just crazy how long it takes things to line up that way.”