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MÖTLEY CRÜE fans are complaining that during the band’s atrocious The Stadium Tour, including the Milwaukee gig, singer Vince Neil did not look happy on the stage and appeared to be “depressed” and “out of it,” like some kind of rock zombie going through the motions. After being decimated by a beyond brutal Chicago Tribune concert review and another one in Cleveland that claimed, “Vince can’t sing”, it’s clear to see that The Stadium Tour turned into the biggest disaster in rock n roll music history.

With rumors swirling that the Crue is looking for a new singer after replacing founding guitarist Mick Mars, it appears this could be a deal breaker for their fanbase, once and for all. More and more empty seats were seen out at the shows as fans opted to turn their tickets in for refunds or just leave the gig early because it sucked balls. Since the Stadium Tour was postponed twice, the ticket buyers, or at least the ones with a brain their head, were able to get their money back as long as they did it before the date of the concert.

Now that Covid-19 is no longer in full blown pandemic mode, the Crue’s fans won’t have the ability to get a refund again for the next Crue tour dates coming in 2023/2024.

And despite raking in over a hundred million dollars for The Stadium Tour’s first run of 36 shows, Mick Mars splits, and now Sixx wants to shit can Neil for a 2nd time.

What’s the big problem? It seems the drama between Tommy Lee and Vince Neil will not stop.

Neil and Lee have not had a good track record as friends over the past 20 years, and that was one of the reasons the Crue retired prior to The Stadium Tour, only deciding to make a comeback once The Dirt movie became a sensation and made their name red hot once again. They saw a cash grab opportunity so both put aside their differences as best they could. It seems a shattered friendship is the cause of all the inner turmoil, along with the antics of an undermining bass player, but what fans need to realize is the ugliness between Vince and Tommy just didn’t start overnight. They haven’t been friends in over two decades.

An inside source claims, “Tommy won’t even take a picture with Vince anymore. That is why the band photo put out the other day was photoshopped. Tommy doesn’t want to perform or record any new music with Vince fronting the band, and nothing will change his mind. It was apparently Tommy’s suggestion to bring in someone who can actually sing.”


Tommy Lee spoke in 2002 about a strange encounter with Vince Neil: “We did the VH1 Fairway to Heaven golf tournament, and I walked up to him and we said hello. We don’t get along at all but we’re cordial to each other. I just looked at him and I was like, ‘Wow! God, what’s happening to him?’ He’s so overweight and just looks so sad. I don’t really know what’s going on with him, but he didn’t look very good at all. I felt bad for him. Maybe it’s possible that he’s still searching for some sort of happiness, maybe he hasn’t found it yet. I don’t know.” (Source:

The Crue’s Glory Days: When A Friendly Smile Could Be Faked!

Even after the last time the Crue supposedly retired, Lee said he didn’t speak to anyone in the group, and purportedly never wanted to jam in a band again with Neil.

“It is clear that the Crüe members have been through some hard times due to their serious addiction problems. It seems like sometimes their addictions affected the relationship between the members since, according to some rumors, their drug use also started a longtime feud between the band’s drummer Tommy Lee and frontman Vince Neil.” –