April 13, 2024

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#TruthForChris: Vicky Cornell Is Not Being Honest About Her Husband’s Death

#TruthForChris: Vicky Cornell Is Not Being Honest About Her Husband’s Death (Part 2)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

Standing beside an open grave
Your fate decided, your life erased
Your final hour has come today
Lit by the fire of your temples burning

“When Bad Does Good”Chris Cornell

It was five years ago when the Chris Cornell death debacle kicked off at my site TheMetalDen.com, and as I fully detailed in part one of this report, there was much left out by the mainstream news reports as to what really happened to Chris after her performed his final concert with SOUNDGARDEN on May 17, 2017. My groundbreaking reports asserted that foul play was indeed being covered up, and the widow of our fallen rock icon, Vicky Cornell, suspiciously changed her story over and over.

I unleashed more independent reports under #TruthForChris hashtag on Twitter, which ultimately helped to make his death investigation blow up as big as it did. In essence, what happened between Chris and his wife at the end of his life was fully indicative of what he had learned in the “Swordfish file” – that exposed Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book.”

What is Vicky hiding from everyone? Why did so many red flags at the Cornell foundation to help abused kids get raised at the end of Chris’ life but nobody did anything about it, including his own wife? Vicky was listed as the Secretary for the foundation. This means she knew every single detail of what happened with the business affairs, and along with Linda Ramone, they cleverly steered control away from Chris.

It is my determination that all these bad things Chris discovered that connected his wife to Epstein’s ring, ultimately were what helped to bring public awareness to this situation.

In the haunting video seen above its Chris’ son (Christopher Cornell, Jr.) who is portraying a newspaper delivery boy like Johnny Gosch, the young man who disappeared four decades ago and was said to have been abducted by Michael Aquino‘s CIA backed “The Finders” covert operation that stole children, who were then murdered at the hands of the cult, according to Paul Bonacci.

“When Bad Does Good”

Chris got in over his head fast, once he began to connect the elite’s pedophile rings main players to the gruesome slaying of abducted children, such as the little girl who is purportedly slaughtered by Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin during the infamous “Frazzledrip” snuff film.

I got a lot of email messages sent from fans all over the world about Chris, and that played a big part in me staying connected to the man through his dearly devoted, because they were sharp and indeed very much concerned about getting to the bottom of things.

The following email came to me around this time when Chris passed in 2017:

“Hi again, I’m aware your busy and you probably won’t answer my email lol, but also found it weird how the medic said body was cool to touch and looked up info on this and what I have read a body can cool down within two hours so he was obviously deceased a lot longer than the timeline states, and I know you have already focused on this, but what I don’t understand is how could the medic or police not be suspicious of that. I just hope that the truth will come out soon but have no idea how it will. I know those youtubers Neon Pheonix and Higher Truth are still trying to seek answers, but I don’t feel that even they will get the truth and even if they do would they even put it forward to the police. Thanks for taking the time to read and am aware you will not respond lol but just wanted to send a note from New Zealand.”

– Danielle

Then on 3/22 last year (which is symbolic of the Illuminati) I received another email from a man named Chris who offered his own unique analysis of the timeline for CC’s death.

“Chris was so out of it, so desperately wanting death…. that he took the time to bolt the front door and the bedroom door? That’s a lot of thought put into it, from the method of which he would end his own life, down to stopping and saying, “oh I forgot to lock the door!” But he didn’t stop and think, “let me put some clothes on so I can die with some dignity”? Knowing who he was, what it would mean for his family? The ones, he so loved. Nope, underwear and a t-shirt. No that’s not him. That’s not right. I have been to that dark place, to the brink, metal in mouth. This is not that. It’s not right. It’s not him. What about the blood? Do hangings tend to result in bleeding? Perhaps blood in the mouth, if the tongue is bitten. He had blood in his mouth, how did that blood get on the bathtub? If he spit blood as his body went into death throes, there would be evidence of that. He would have spit blood everywhere around him. Likely up and onto his face. (Which there was according to the report). That is, if he was hanging from the door, he would have begun facing away and up. And being at least partially suspended, with at least his shoulders off the floor, he likely would have turned at least partially during convulsions, spitting blood onto the door as well. It was on his face but not the door. Also from those convulsions, there would likely be head trauma, indicative of his head hitting the door. Cornell was slightly over 6 ft. tall, that makes him almost as tall as the door itself. If he died and convulsed right there, his head hit that door. Which brings me to the photo of the laceration on the back of Cornell’s head, the night of the show …at the show. That’s no small cut, that’s a wound. And if that photo is from that night, truly, that is significant. How, when, who, obviously before the show. Head wound before the show, that goes unmentioned, and an untimely demise after. Coincidence? Not to mention, if that wound were there before he hanged himself, there would be blood in that door. Unless of course, he did not hang himself, but was placed there…but that wound didn’t make the report, did it? And to boot, the one thing that could validate any inconsistencies, the 911 dispatch recordings, disappears? Tell me, normally, if you will, do you think such blatant mistakes, inconsistencies, and obvious gross display of mismanagement, would go unpunished? No, motherfuckers would be losing their positions and resigning left and right.  This clearly, has been carefully controlled.  They even got a scapegoat, Cornell’s doctor. But if his doctor was so negligent, you mean this concerned Vicky only after it resulted in her husband’s death? She was so aware, but was never concerned? Chris gave her EVERYTHING, he trusted her. If she had voiced this before, he would have listened. I feel it. And this wouldn’t be a thing. So many perfectly misplaced pieces. Coincidence?”

And I heard you say that flesh sells by the pound
When blood is raining down it cuts a deep river

I looked at the Gematria breakdown for both Vicky Cornell’s name and the numbers 322 and it is quite telling to say the least.

Gematria is the practice of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase according to an alphanumerical cipher. A single word can yield several values depending on the cipher which is used. Hebrew alphanumeric ciphers were used in biblical times and were later adopted by other cultures. 

According to Gaia.com, “an example of the influence of gematria in Judaism can be found in the tzitzit, the shawl worn during a Jewish ceremony. Combining the numerical value of the knot, and the number of strands of knots, with the value of the word tzitzit, results in the number 613, which is the same as the number of commandments in the Torah. Or some look at the number of windings of the thread between each knot, of 7-8-11-13, broken down into their corresponding Hebrew letters and find the spelling of God’s name.”

The Skull And Bones secret society number 322 is a very important number sequencing I learned for members of the elite’s pedophile ring. Everything they do in the mainstream news is done to use deception, misinformation and mockery, mainly of Jesus Christ.

Let’s first breakdown the importance of the number 3 itself.

“Three can be found in descriptions of the divine throughout a number of religions. This can be seen in the Christian holy trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost or the Hindu Holy Trinity of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahama. The primordial sound AUM is often spelled with three letters and has a 3 in its character. Time is represented by the past, present, and future and, of course, pi is represented by 3.1415. The 3 degrees and 33 degrees are also very symbolic in Freemasonry. The evidence of gematria in freemasonry is thought to be seen in the strange way masons letter their passwords. This evidence of a kabbalistic influence dates back as far as the early 1700s. Some have pointed out that the word God is thought to be an acronym rooted in Freemasonry and Hebrew.”

Using the Gematria calculator, when we start lining up certain words or phrases critical to Chris(t) to their number sequences, things get much more interesting.

“Vicky Cornell” = 149 (English Ordinal)

“Illumination” = 149 (English Ordinal)

“Christ Reborn” = 149 (English Ordinal)

Get ready for this. “Skull And Bones” = 149 (English Ordinal)

The sequence of numbers 22 is very important as well, according to history and the bible.

“The number 22, which is double eleven (which symbolizes disorder and chaos), can mean a concentration of disorganization. Jeroboam I, the very first king of Israel after the kingdom split in two in 930 B.C., reigned for 22 official years (21 actual years from 930 to 909 B.C.). King Ahab, consider the worst Israelite king, also reigned for the same length of time (22 official but 21 actual years, 874 to 853 B.C.) as Jeroboam. King Amon, who ruled for only two years and is consider one of the worst kings over Judah, began his rule at the age of twenty-two. The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which are used to compose the Word of God. The word of God is called a lamp (Psalms 119:105), thus it is the light by which we are to live.” – BibleStudy.org

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in a public square which had been home to a Masonic Lodge and which has an obelisk in its center. November is Month #11 and the day of the murder was the 22nd. Numbers 11 and 22 are sacred primary occult numbers.

Of course, 666 or a sequence which represents it, such as 36 (triple 6’s) is blatantly put out there by the masons to signal to their membership worldwide that they were behind the assassination/sacrifice.

Look at Chris Cornell’s hotel room number: 1136.

In part 1 of this report, I connected Vicky to the other “black book” that has yet to be released by LAPD in the unsolved case of The Black Dahlia Murder that happened way back in 1947.

The murder victim Elizabeth Short was working as a lure for a powerful Hollywood based pedophile cult, and I named a new prime suspect in her killing, the legendary artist Man Ray.

Believe it or not, Vicky Cornell oversaw the publicity for the launch of a bar named after the suspect, which was based in Paris, France, the location Mr. Ray fled to after not even being questioned about Short’s murder, despite the fact they ran in the same circle and lived close to one another.

Now look at the number sequence for the next two Gematria breakdowns:

To be continued! Part 3 will post at www.randyrocketcody.com on May 31st, 2022. You must be a paid subscriber to read part 3!!!



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